Emily Sears Reveals Crazy Cleavage In Tempting Snap As She Approaches Her 36th Birthday

Australian model and social media maven Emily Sears updated her Instagram profile on Friday, November 6, with another ultra-revealing photo for her 4.8 million followers to enjoy. In the update, the multi-time Maxim cover girl flaunted the way in which she appears to be defying her age as she approaches her 36th birthday by posing for the camera with a glass of wine in-hand.

Sears sported skintight blue jeans and a tiny, formfitting top in the sultry share, the latter of which allowed for a sizable showing of cleavage. Meanwhile, she projected sheer confidence as she peered directly at the camera's lens.

She captioned the post by shouting out her upcoming birthday on Tuesday and inferring that she is aging like a fine wine with her hashtag. If fan response to the update serves as any indication, her admirers clearly agreed with the sentiment.

In less than two hours after the picture was uploaded to her feed, it has generated almost 30,000 likes. Moreover, 500-plus comments have been left, the brunt of which came in the form of declarations of affection.

"Emily, I adore fine matured wine like you," wrote one commenter.

"I thought you were 25," gushed a second supporter. "No lie!"

"Wow, you look unbelievable for 36!! Would've guessed you were in your 20s still," added another enamored fan. "Someone hit the DNA lottery!"

"Beautiful and unique as always," opined a fourth follower.

Sears was snapped in a medium-wide shot as she leaned against a barrel that was topped by potted lavender plants. In the background, a granite brick wall and a leafy tree or shrubbery were also visible. She posed with her left hand in her pocket, and the other clutching her glass of wine. Her hip was notched to one side as she crossed one leg over the other. Sears fired a seductive gaze at the camera's lens while the picture was taken.

Her flowing, brunette mane extended out from a middle part and its golden ends extended down to her waist as it blanketed her body on the left side. Her piercing eyes glinted in the natural light and her full lips curled into a sweet smile.

The model wore a beige-colored, spaghetti-strap top in the shot, which left a large swath of her perky bust completely uncovered. Just below the garment, her slender tummy and navel were left similarly exposed. At the bottom edge of the photo's frame, her tight jeans pleasingly emphasized her slender, yet shapely figure.

Late last month, Sears brought the sizzle in another post that showed her playing the part of a sexy witch for the Halloween season.