Video Games Celebrities Wished They’d Turned Down

Video games have had some famous cameos, though there were a few that the celebrities wished they had just said “no” to.

Most of the time, celebrities can make the game they appear in. Beyond: Two Souls actually benefitted from the appearances of Ellen Page and Willem DaFoe. Prototype featured the voice acting of former Star Wars actor Hayden Christensen. Bruce Willis actually helped keep the shooter Apocalypse from fading into obscurity. However, once in a while, a celebrity accepts a cameo in a game that ends up haunting them.

Take Jeff Goldblum, for instance. His awkward range fits just about any role he takes on, and he’s got infamy like Jeff Bridges. However, he can’t play Dracula, and Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland proved it. Watching him struggle with his fake fangs and attempt to be seductive with someone who was basically 13 years old was just embarrassing. Even he prefers The Lost World: Jurassic Park to that mess.

Chuck Norris Superkicks was horrible. Even Chuck Norris wasn’t tough enough to make it good, though it’s been said that he took one look at the game and the title changed to Kung Fu Superkicks. That or Xonox lost the rights to his name.

Gwen Stefani never should have agreed to lend her voice to Malice. Everything looked good on paper as Argonaut Games tried to save it from a quick trip to the bargain bins by having Gwen Stefani play the role. But then we saw it and how awkward her character looked. She looked like one of those grey aliens with hair straight out of a children’s anime cartoon.

Gary Coleman‘s appearance in Postal 2 was something that should have gone to an early grave instead of the actor. Instead of getting a book signed by the diminutive actor, you end up getting in a gun fight with him.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 was chock full of bad choices. The cutscenes done by George Takei, Tim Curry, and J.K. Simmons were not convincing at all. Great actors, terrible role choices.

Dana Plato of Diff’rent Strokes starred in one of the worst games ever made, back in the days when FMV (full-motion video) was something developers actually thought would go over well. Night Trap only made us feel sorry for her.

And let’s not forget pretty much every video game ever made with a major rap star. Then again, go ahead and forget them.

What celebrity cameos have you noticed in video games that never should have happened?