Whitney Simmons Sports Impossibly Tight Pair Of Leggings For Booty Workout

Fitness model Whitney Simmons posted a new workout video set to social media platform Instagram on Thursday, November 5, in which she put her killer booty on display in a pair of impossibly tight leggings.

The dark gray leggings featured a camouflage pattern. They included a thick high-rise waistband and were made of a stretchy material that contoured to every curve of her lower body. The leggings pinched in along her ample backside and emphasized her muscular glutes. For her upper half, Whitney chose a sports bra in a similar gray color. The top included a low, scooped neckline and thin straps securing it over her shoulders. Cutouts along the upper back drew the eye to Whitney's chiseled muscles.

Whitney completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers. She styled her blond tresses in a high ponytail that trailed down to her shoulders.

The glute workout took place in a gym setting where Whitney made use of an open studio space to complete the moves. The studio was lined with walls of mirrors and featured light wood flooring. The fitness trainer used a pair of dumbbells for equipment while carrying out most of the exercises from a standing position. Only one of the moves required the trainer to take to the floor, which she covered with a thick mat.

In the first video, Whitney demonstrated a superset that included dumbbell sumo squats and sumo RDLs. In the first move, she placed the weights on her shoulders and bent low into each squat, while in the second, she extended her arms down at her sides and bent over at the waist to complete each rep. The second slide featured the dumbbell split squat. Whitney placed one leg out behind her while securing a weight in each hand for the squats, switching legs halfway through.

The third exercise was the B-stance RDL. This move required her to place one foot slightly in front of the other while balanced on her heel. She then bent into a squat as she lowered herself over the extended foot. In the final slide, she showed her trainees how to do a glute bridge and frog pumps.

In the caption of the post, Whitney wrote out the sets and added the number of reps trainees should do for each. She also encouraged her fans to train with her on her app Alive by Whitney Simmons. The booty workout post earned nearly 100,000 likes and over 1,000 comments within the first day of going live.