Bebe Rexha Slams Paparazzi Over Swimsuit Pics, Posts Real Footage Of Her Slamming Bod: ‘I’m A Thick Girl’

Bebe Rexha flaunting her figure in an image.
Bryan Steffy / Getty Images

Bebe Rexha slammed a tabloid on her Instagram story and showed her 10.5 million followers exactly what her body looked like wearing the same swimsuit that the outlet photographed her in.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Bebe spent Election Day in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. She and her cinematographer boyfriend, Keyan Safyari, took to the beach to enjoy the waves. She wore a black one-piece Versace bathing costume that fit her like a glove.

However, Bebe took issue with the way the publication photographed her. Those photos can be viewed here.

“I wanted to show you what I really look like. Yes, I got thighs, I got a**… but here’s what I f*cking look like in my bathing suit,” she clapped back.

The “Baby, I’m Jealous” singer proceeded to show her fans her figure in the swimwear. She stood in front of a mirror and tried to show her body from all angles. Bebe then called her assistant to take footage of her so that everyone could see what she looked like without her filming herself.

“Here’s my body, no filters, okay. I got a**, I got thighs, okay. But not those nasty a** pictures they post of you,” Bebe said.

The paparazzi photos really irked her because she went on to tell the world why they bothered her so much.

“It’s just really hard because I find it hard to love myself sometimes. And when you see yourself looking like sh*t…”

Bebe Rexha performs onstage during FOX's Teen Choice Awards at The Forum on August 12, 2018 in Inglewood, California.
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The rock star showed her followers her cellulite and her stretch marks. But she also stated that she has never had surgery or lipo because she tries to be healthy and respect what God gave her. Bebe also shared that she likes to eat and that she takes medicine, which makes it hard for her to lose weight.

Those who follow the star know that she has bipolar disorder. In an interview with Self, she revealed that she takes medication for her condition. People also reported about Bebe’s struggles with her weight, which she attributed to the antidepressants that she was taking.

The 31-year-old got in front of her computer to explain to her followers why the photos bothered her. She opened the webpage and physically pointed out her problems with the pics.

“Look, I’m thick okay. I’m a thick girl. I’ll take it…” she started off.

However, she didn’t feel like the images were a true reflection.

“But these pictures? Like what the hell is…” she ranted.

In the clips, Bebe doesn’t reveal her face nor that of her assistant. However, she speaks on camera as she showcases her voluptuous frame.

The singer has been putting her new red hairdo on display lately. The Inquisitr reported that she recently took to social media wearing pigtails and a zipper top.