Biden Overtakes Trump In Race For Georgia, Leads By 917 Votes

Tracey Johnson

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has overtaken Donald's Trump's lead in Georgia by just 917 votes. The ballots counted in favor of the Democratic candidate stand at 2,449,371 against the 2,448,454 cast for the incumbent president, per WPXI News. The 2020 presidential election race is virtually even as the president and former vice president battle it out for the Peach State.

While nearly all the ballots have been counted, it was still too early for the results to be called. Thousands of uncounted ballots still remain, which could swing the vote either way, and reportedly many of them are from the same counties where Biden was in the lead.

For years, southern Georgia was widely regarded as a stalwart Republican stronghold. However, the demographics of the area have changed due to its growing Black electorate.

At a grassroots level, it appears as if the Democrats have invested more in the region than their red counterparts. After losing his re-election bid for the first time in 30 years, former district attorney Danny Porter spoke to The Intercept about why southern Georgia is changing its political demographic.

"People moved here for good schools and a high quality of life," Porter said.

"I think Democrats did a much better job on the long game in building a base of support than the Republicans did. And you have to acknowledge the Trump effect. The only product the Republican Party has to sell right now is Donald Trump. And the visceral hatred for him drives people to partisan voting."

However, the results may be challenged. Georgia law states that if the margin between the two parties is less than half a percentage point, a recount can be requested. Trump has already announced that he will challenge the outcome legally.

A U.S. presidential candidate needs to win 270 electoral votes to capture the Oval Office. Trump holds 214 of those votes, while Biden has 264.