Kylie Bisutti’s No Angel But She Might Be A Role Model For Liars

Kylie Bisutti could be an inspiration to us all, but probably not for the reasons she wants us to believe. The best fib is often a bold one. Like the man said, a lie is halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on, and boy did the self-promoting failed model pull a fast one on us.

The 23-year-old Bisutti is now promoting her new memoir, I’m No Angel: From Victoria’s Secret Model To Role Model. Hey, all’s fair in love and book promotion, but apparently she went over the top in an interview published in Wednesday’s New York Post.

In that lengthy in-depth piece, she claimed that she gave up a multimillion dollar modeling career to retire to Montana and volunteer for her church and just generally be a disgustingly holy wife to her husband, who may have thought he was marrying a model. And I’m sure the church would much rather have some housewifey read to kids for free in Sunday school than get a hefty 10 percent tithe of a Victoria’s Secret model’s income. Yeah, right.

But Bisutti said that VS made her feel like “a piece of meat” and that they kinda, sorta wanted to pimp her out to powerful guys. Hmm.

But if you read between the lines of the Post interview, it sounds like what she really gave up was a chance to continue modeling for FHM and Maxim. And maybe that’s exaggerated too?

In any case, Victoria’s Secret is not taking the outrageous claims lying down. They fired back with a blunt statement that painted Kylie Bisutti as either a mentally ill fantasist or an outright liar:

“Ms. Bisutti has made numerous fabrications and misstatements of fact regarding her brief association with Victoria’s Secret. In 2009, Ms. Bisutti won an online amateur modeling competition and hasn’t worked for us since that year…She was never a Victoria’s Secret Angel as defined by the terms of our Angel model contract. And contrary to Ms. Bisutti’s claims, she was never offered any subsequent modeling contracts despite her multiple appeals for further work.”

If she was never a Victoria’s Secret Angel, why were we so quick to believe that she was? I can’t speak for anybody else, but I think I was taken in because of the extensive detail that she provided to back up her story — and because those details played to all of the stereotypes we want to believe about models.

Whackadoo diets? Check. She said she got down to a near anorexic weight of 108 pounds on a diet of pineapples, watermelon, and water.

Creepy photographers? Check. Some dude got her to pose in a sheer blouse which she later found on a porn site…although I’m not sure why this good Christian lady was browsing a porn site.

You know, a good confabulation can serve its purpose even if you get caught. Bisutti may have never been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for one minute, and lying isn’t widely considered part of the Christian ideal either, but one thing’s for sure.

The whole brouhaha will sell more of Kylie Bisutti’s books.

[Kylie Bisutti photo by Joe Seer /]