Charly Jordan Shows Off Booty In Cheeky Bikini As Similarly Scantily Clad Jen Selter Performs Daring Stunt

Jen balanced up high in Charly's video.

Charly Jordan attends boohoo x Taylor Hill Tea Party.
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Jen balanced up high in Charly's video.

Charly Jordan gave her fans an eyeful of two peachy derrières in her latest social media share. She goofed off with another Instagram model she has a lot in common with in the sexy video with a daring twist.

The musician and her companion, fitness influencer Jen Selter, looked like they were having a blast hanging out together on a balcony during the evening hours. Charly shared a video of their antics with her 3.7 million Instagram followers Thursday. She stood near the camera at the beginning of the fun clip, while her dark-haired pal could be seen a short distance away in the background.

Charly styled her long, blond hair in a wavy ponytail that she wore pulled over one shoulder. She rocked a pair of linear earrings with crescent-shaped charms that swung around as she moved.

The Travis Scott song “Can’t Say” played over the visuals and Charly lip-synched along to the track. Behind her, Jen touched her hair and playfully stuck her tongue out at their viewers.

Charly placed the palm of her hand in front of the camera and turned to walk away from it, revealing she was clad in a one-shoulder bikini. The bathing suit looked like it was made out of thick waffle cloth, which gave it a textured appearance. Her bralette top featured a gradient design that was pink up top before transitioning to bright purple.

Her lavender bottom had a cheeky design that showed off her round booty, which jiggled as she moved.

She approached her friend, who was busy slowly climbing on top of a stone balustrade. Glittering lights and hills in the distance indicated the two women were outside a high building, but Jen didn’t let the potential danger of a long fall scare her from carefully balancing on the thin rail atop the parapet.

The Instagram star known for her curvy posterior arched her back to emphasize the round shape of her most famous body part. She, too, wore a revealing bikini. Her swimsuit featured a strappy design, and red trimming contrasted white triangle cups and the front and back panels of her matching thong.

She raised her arms in the air and shook her derrière while Charly gave her own backside a few playful shakes from the safety of the balcony floor.

Both women couldn’t seem to stop smiling and laughing, and Charly used her post’s caption to share her joy about getting to spend time with her energetic friend.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Charly shared a photo of herself hanging out with a different bikini-clad pal Wednesday. She and TikTok star Sarah-Jade Bleau were pictured cuddling on a boat.