Contortionist Sofie Dossi Rocks A Skimpy Crop Top And Floral Miniskirt In Latest Instagram Share

Kim Brandow

Sofie Dossi is usually seen contorting her incredible body as not many can do. However, the America's Got Talent star's latest Instagram share featured her showing off her fit physique in a skimpy ensemble while wondering if anyone wanted to go bungee jumping with her.

On Thursday, the social media sensation posted two pictures of herself wearing a cute, but sultry outfit that seemed to thrill her 3.8 million followers. Sofie stood outside on a grassy area with water behind her, posing in one close-up shot and another snapshot of her full outfit. The 19-year-old exposed some skin in a skimpy black crop top that fell off of her slender shoulders. She wore it midway down the top of her arms with a little bit of ruffle around the sleeves. The plunging neckline stopped right above her bosom, with a minuscule piece of fabric holding it together in the middle. It was adorned with a few strings hanging down her midsection. Her toned abs were on full display.

Sofie matched the garment perfectly by wearing a black miniskirt with red flowers printed on it. The slightly shiny fabric of the skirt hugged her petite hips right below her belly button. The hemline rode up to her killer thighs, which are so often seen bending in multiple ways.

The first picture featured Sofie's profile with her head turned toward the camera as she looked over her shoulder. She showed an up-close view of the shoulder-baring top, as well as her flock of curls that were streaming down her front and back. Her hair featured a side part with her bangs covering up one side of her face. She also wore large hoop earrings and had her nails painted orange.

Sofie, who calls herself the "bendy girl," loves to flaunt her extremely flexible limbs on Instagram. Late last month, she stunned her fans by bending her body in such a way that she was able to do a handstand while munching on a snack. She held onto the bag with her foot while grabbing some food with her hand and popping it into her mouth. This was all done with her other hand balancing on a handstand cane. The clip was a big hit and showed her Instagram followers just how talented she is.