Blue Ivy Visits Paris With Beyonce, Jay-Z

Blue Ivy Carter and her parents Beyonce and Jay-Z recently took a stroll through the streets of Paris, France.

The happy couple were spotted in the city with their 15-month-old daughter in tow earlier this week. After enjoying the sights, all three enjoyed a quick bite to eat at Septime.

“Blue Ivy was laughing and screaming and seemed to be having so much fun. Every so often Jay-Z would kiss the baby and then kiss Beyonce. They looked like a really loving, happy family,” a witness explained to the folks at Us Weekly.

Beyonce is taking her daughter on a glimpse of Europe while she tours with the Mrs. Carter Show. The singer explained to E! Online that she intends to start trying for another child as soon as the tour comes to an end.

For the time being, Beyonce is giving Blue Ivy a chance to see the world from a performer’s perspective.

Another anonymous source reportedly told Us Weekly:

“Bey always planned to bring Blue with her on tour. Now, instead of just going from country to country and working, [Beyonce] is loving getting to see the world through Blue’s eyes, it’s like seeing it all from the first time again. This whole trip has been a big mother and daughter bonding experience for Bey.”

The Mrs. Carter Show kicked off on April 15 in Belgrade, Serbia. The 61-stop tour will take the singer and her daughter all over the world. She will return to the US for the North American leg of her tour beginning June 28.

If you’re at all interested in getting shots of Beyonce while she’s on tour, then they better do it when she’s not on-stage. The singer made the controversial decision to ban all professional photographers from the shows.

You can check out snapshots of Blue Ivy in Paris with Beyonce and Jay-Z by taking a quick trip to the Us Weekly website.

[Image via Helga Esteb /]