Jessica Killings Goes Braless Under Bold Red Jacket & Flaunts Her Flawless Figure

Jessica Killings attends a PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event
David Livingston / Getty Images

American model Jessica Killings took to Instagram on Thursday, November 5 to tantalize her 1.9 million followers with a sexy snapshot. The 31-year-old brunette bombshell went with an all-red ensemble to raise temperatures among her fans, and she immediately caused a significant stir.

The bold photo showed Jessica sitting on the ground, with a dark brick pattern creating the perfect background for her sizzling-hot look. The photographer shot the raven-haired beauty from a unique spot, seemingly positioned above her to a degree.

Jessica’s dark hair tumbled over her shoulders as she looked up toward the photographer with a sultry, confident expression on her face. She wore a chunky layered necklace and leaned back to brace herself on her arms behind her.

The California native wore a blazer, skintight pants, and heeled boots, all of which were in a fire-hot red hue. She left the blazer unbuttoned and wide open, showing that she went braless underneath. Her blazer was spread apart just enough to show off her bare tummy and much of her deep cleavage.

The model sat with her legs spread apart slightly. Jessica had one knee bent and her heel propped on the brick while the other leg was straight and stretched out in front of her.

More than 5,500 likes and 150 comments came in from fans during the first hour after Jessica had shared this stunning shot.

“My heart you’re just so lovely,” a fan commented.

“That’s a bad pic!” a second fan noted before adding a string of fire emoji to the comment.

In fact, quite a few of Jessica’s impressed followers resorted to fire emoji to signal their love for this look. Her sexy vibe clearly raised heart rates and seemingly left some people virtually without words to describe their admiration for this tantalizing ensemble.

“F*cking wowwww in love with this….. Girl u is a boss,” a follower raved.

“Spectacular! You’re one beautiful woman,” someone else declared.

Oftentimes, Jessica’s Instagram posts show her wearing workout gear as she flaunts her fit physique. She throws in a bikini snap or some lingerie shots here and there, and she never fails to impress her fans.

Lately, however, she has provided viewers with some especially sultry pictures. For Election Day earlier in the week, she teased that she was hiding out. She wore a pink-and-black lingerie set and matching robe as she teasingly held a vintage phone receiver to her ear.

Last week, Jessica was topless with her brunette locks covering her breasts in a jaw-dropping upload. An animal-print hat and thong panties provided the only coverage in this seductive shot.

This new braless snap makes the third upload in a row that showed off Jessica’s titillating side. So far, it doesn’t look as if her followers have any interest in seeing her stop this streak.