Valerie Cossette Displays Some Serious Cleavage In New Up-Close Selfie

Sarah Haider

Canadian model Valerie Cossette took to her Instagram page on Thursday, November 5, and wowed her legions of admirers with a racy photograph.

In the snapshot, Valerie rocked a pink bikini top that boasted thin straps and triangular cups attached to a thin string that ran across her chest. It boasted a plunging neckline that put her cleavage on display.

The tiny garment struggled to contain her assets and showed off a glimpse of underboob. The hottie also flaunted the tattoos on her arms and midriff.

Valerie loosely tied her raven-colored tresses, letting her long, silky locks cascade over her back and shoulder. She also let a few strands of hair fall over her forehead.

In terms of jewelry, she wore a dainty chain pendant that rested at the base of her neck, drawing attention to her flawless décolletage.

The selfie was captured indoors. To pose, Valerie tilted her head to the right and gazed straight at the camera. She puckered her lips to pull off a very seductive look.

"Wow, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen," one of her fans commented.

"You are one of the hottest women on Instagram. I can't take my eyes off your beautiful faces and curves. Would you like to meet me?" chimed in another user.

"I don't have words to describe your beauty. You are a true goddess. I also love your tattoos, they suit you so well!" a third admirer remarked.

"Gorgeous as always!! Hope you're having a great day," a fourth follower wrote, adding a rose and kiss emoji to the comment.

Others posted words and phrases like "love you, sweetheart," "great pic," and "so sexy" to let Valerie know how much they adore her.

Aside from her regular admirers, many other models and influencers also liked and commented on the snapshot to show appreciation and support, including Vicky Aisha, Laurie Scherbak, and Lexis Heinberg.

Valerie regularly mesmerizes her 2.1 million followers with her skin-baring photographs. As The Inquisitr previously noted, on October 25, she shared a snap in which she rocked a blue-and-white printed bandeau bra that hugged her curves. The hottie teamed the top with equally skimpy panties to showcase her lean thighs and legs.