Aubrey O'Day Says Ex Donald Trump Jr. Hates His Dad And Eric Is The 'Joke Of The Family'

Danity Kane singer Aubrey O'Day is spilling all the tea on her ex-boyfriend Donald Trump Jr. and his family. She claimed on Twitter that Eric Trump is considered the "joke" of the Trumps and that Donald Jr. went on for hours about how much he hated his dad, President Donald Trump.

O'Day wrote the message about her ex in response to another tweet, which she retweeted, that included an image showing a younger Donald Jr. posing with an animal he had killed.

"Awe. he was so brilliant and courageous when I loved him. He became everything he feared and hated for some power.. I hurt for him. And also, f*ck their entire family," she tweeted.

Later, a follower asked her if he had ever explained why he hated his father.

"Yes. hours upon hours. I know it all," she wrote.

"Man, @AubreyODay i remember you telling me all these stories way back after it all happened! She aint lyin yall.. THERES SOME STORIES!" commented Anthony Lopez.

"I figure it's probably for the same reasons the rest of us do, yeah?" added one user.

She then pivoted to talking about Eric, 36. She posted a video showing him declaring victory for his father in the 2020 election with a caption about how his family allegedly views him.

"And that's a hard title to keep in a family full of punch lines," commented actress Jennifer Marsala.

Just a few days prior she claimed that she and Donald Trump Jr. had done drugs together while they were dating, though she denied that cocaine was one of them. She explained in a tweet that he never seemed interested in that particular narcotic.

The comment was likely in response to rumors that he had done cocaine, which started after he appeared on video with a "dancing jaw," as The Inquisitr previously reported.

The two met back when O'Day appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice, which was hosted by his father, and began dating while Donald Jr. was still married to his wife Vanessa. At the time, Vanessa was pregnant with his child, and she became pregnant again while the affair continued. The romance nearly ended their relationship, as OK Magazine reported. Eventually, the couple repaired their marriage, though they have since separated.

This is not the first time the singer has revealed details about the Trump clan. In mid-October, Newsweek reported that she claimed Ivanka Trump is a secret lesbian and that Eric had cheated on his wife with a Miss Universe winner.

She also posted and then deleted a tweet claiming Donald Jr. complained via text about the youngest Trump, Baron.