Ricky Gervais And Justin Timberlake Take Photo Lying On Floor, Start New Internet Craze

Ricky Gervais and Justin Timberlake have started a bizarre new internet picture craze after the comedian uploaded an image of himself and the singer laying on the floor pulling strange faces.

Gervais and Timberlake were attending a party at Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People party in New York, when they decided, after consuming a lot of free booze, to fall to the ground and take a picture.

The creator of The Office then tweeted, “@jtimberlake & I, lying on the floor at The Time 100 Most Influential People Gala. I blame the free booze..”

Late night TV show host Jimmy Fallon, who often has Timberlake on his programme as a guest, then decided to join in the fun, with the trio clearly enjoying each other’s company and joking around throughout the night.

A new account, @floorpics, has even been created as people across the world started to recreate the pose themselves.

After noticing that the trend was taking off, Gervais then remarked, “Who’s going to be the first to start @accidentalfloorpics & get pictures of sleeping tramps & people who have fallen over? Haha.”

Gervais then received a hoard of images, even responding to numerous posts. A user messaged the actor,”@callumcarlile1: My nanna fell over, she’s been like this for 2 weeks now,” with his picture showing an old woman on the floor in the pose. Gervais then stated, “Well go through her purse then.”

He even asked people to join in, encouraging, “You too could get an RT. Just get the oldest member of your family to lie on the floor and look unconscious. #oldfloorpics.”

However he did warn, “Please remember you must not force old people to get on the floor. Gently coax them down by placing biscuits on the carpet near a radiator.”

Gervais then spent the next few hours uploading pictures of people on the floor, recreating his image.

What do you think of Ricky Gervais and Justin Timberlake’s photo?