Sasha Ferro Snaps A Sizzling Selfie In Skimpy Lingerie Set

On November 5, Sasha Ferro took to her Instagram page and gave her 1.3 million followers something to talk about -- a tantalizing update that proved hard to ignore. In the post, the Argentine model showed off her killer figure in a sexy lingerie set.

In the first pic, Sasha stood in front of a full-body mirror wearing scanty underwear. She put her left foot slightly in front of her right, creating space between her legs. She held her phone in her left hand, angling the mobile device in front of her face. The babe gazed at her phone's screen as she took the selfie.

The second snap showed the babe in a similar pose. This time, she placed her right hand on her hip. A swipe to the right featured Sasha raising her hand to make a peace sign. In the last image, the hottie's stance appeared similar to the first photo.

Sasha sported a skimpy top. The fully-padded cups secured her buxom bust, and the deep neckline exposed her décolletage. The snug fit of the garment emphasized her ample cleavage. The tiny straps stretched over her shoulders. Between the cups sat a tiny, ribbon bow.

She wore a matching pair of simple panties. The high leg cuts highlighted her curvy hips, as well as her thighs and legs. The waistband sat low enough to reveal almost all of her toned midsection. Viewers couldn't help but notice her taut tummy and chiseled abs and expressed their thoughts about them in the comments section.

Sasha left her highlighted hair loose, parted it in the center, and styled it in slight waves. The only accessory she wore was a thick ring.

In the caption, Sasha reminded her fans to "smile" and added an emoji to the end of the post.

The brand-new social media share earned more than 114,000 likes and upward of 400 comments in just under a day. Many of her eager online supporters and some fellow influencers flocked to the comments section to leave compliments about her latest jaw-dropping display, while countless others were left speechless and opted to use a trail of emoji.

"Stunning pictures! I love how simple these snaps look, but they all look amazing and enticing," a follower wrote.

"Those are some lovely intimates. It looks greats on you! The socks made it seem cozy," commented another fan.

"That digital thermostat must keep a perfect body at the perfect temperature!" a third admirer added.