Valentina Lequeux Flaunts Killer Physique In Black Sports Bra & Red Spandex Shorts

Valentina Lequeux takes a mirror selfie in the bathroom.
Valentina Lequeux / Instagram

Fitness model Valentina Lequeux took to social media platform Instagram on Tuesday, November 3, to teach her 1.9 million followers a full-body kettlebell workout while flaunting her killer physique.

For the workout, Valentina chose a black sports bra with several cutouts along the back that showed off her enviable muscles. The bra left a strip of her toned tummy on display, allowing viewers to watch her abs flex as she worked out. On her lower half, Valentina went with a pair of red-and-black spandex shorts that featured a thick waistband, which rose high on her waist. The shorts contoured to the model’s perfect curves down to mid-thigh level. The rest of her muscular legs were left exposed.

Valentina completed the outfit with a pair of white Converse sneakers. She styled her brunette tresses in a ponytail with a lime-green scrunchie to keep it out of her face during her routine and accessorized with a blue watch.

The workout took place at an inside gym where a green mat took up a large area of the space. The back wall was decorated in colorful graffiti while several weight racks and machines also made up the background. Valentina made use of a pair of kettlebells for her fitness routine and demonstrated a total of four different moves for her trainees.

The first exercise was the body clean to gorilla row. Valentina jumped from her knees to a standing position and then pulled the weights up toward her abdomen for several reps. She performed the renegade row to gorilla row in the second slide, which was partially carried out from the floor. The third move was the push-up to bent row. For this exercise, Valentina performed a push-up while gripping the kettlebells and then stood up for the second half of the exercise. The final video clip showed the renegade row to sumo deadlift. Once again, Valentina took to the floor for the first move and then jumped back to a standing position with her legs spread to carry out the deadlift.

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FULL BODY KB WORKOUT: body clean to gorilla row renegade row to gorila row push up to bent row renegade row to sumo deadlift There’s an invisible barrier that’s stopping you from achieving your fat loss goals. It’s not hunger, cravings, low energy levels, etc. But it does affect all of these. It’s your environment. Your environment directly influences your decisions. And it can influence you to make decisions that don’t align with your goals. Check this out ???? Being at work where you have tasks to focus on and more structure in your day will likely lead to you staying on track with your diet. Not always, but most of the time. Sitting in front of the TV, in your sweat pants, watching a Netflix marathon, and turning your chill mode up to 100 will likely lead to bad decisions being made. You’ll feel ‘snacky’. And justify making poor decisions that do not move you closer to your goals. Just so we’re clear, I’m not suggesting you never chill in front of the TV or anything like that. The message here is to be aware of your environment and how it impacts your decisions. Hitting up a family party where you’re surrounded by food? You need to prepare yourself for that and make a plan to stay on track while still enjoying yourself. I honestly believe that the simple act of thinking ahead will help you SO much. Put yourself in your environment ahead of time and figure out how you’ll stay on track. Remember, this; You are a strong, fierce, and driven woman. Even if you don’t feel like that all the time (let’s face it, who does?) you do have that person inside you. I’ve been telling you to let that fierce babe out in my last few emails. If you want to take control of every single environment you find yourself in she HAS to come out. You can still enjoy yourself & live your best life. I’m not suggesting you take tupperwares full of boiled chicken to a family cookout. I am saying you control your decisions no matter what influence your environment tries to press on you. You always have the ability to be in control. Remember that.

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In the caption of the post, Valentina penned an inspirational message to her followers. She told them that the invisible barrier stopping them from achieving their fat loss goals is their environment and that the key to making healthy choices is to prepare ahead of time. Valentina reminded fans that they are strong, fierce, and driven and that they always have the ability to be in control.

The post racked up over 20,000 likes and a couple of hundred comments within the first 20 hours of going live.