Charly Jordan Goes Topless With Just Her Hair To Cover Her Chest In Sexy New Snaps

Instagram model Charly Jordan posted several sizzling snaps to the popular social media platform on Tuesday, November 3, in which she was completely nude from the waist up.

The model teased her followers in the six-photo post as she showed off the smooth, glowing skin of her upper body. Although she brought her long, blond waves over her shoulders to trail down her chest, viewers still got an eyeful of her cleavage. They were also treated to an unobstructed view of her toned tummy, slim waist, and sculpted arms. In some of the slides, Charly's entire body was captured in the frame, showing a short skirt on her lower half. The skirt was made of a black, see-through material covered in lacy floral designs. It rose high on her hips and extended to the tops of her thighs. The hemline flowed freely but left the majority of her lean legs exposed.

The photos were taken in an indoor location where Charly played with light and shadow against a white backdrop. The first photo showed her from the waist up as she gazed directly at the camera with her face set in a neutral expression. A source of light shone directly on her, bringing out the gold tones in her hair and giving her skin a healthy glow. In the second slide, she placed a hand on top of her head and mussed up her hair, which fell across one eye and partially obscured her face. She held the other arm at her side and continued to focus her gaze on the photographer.

Charly got silly in the third photo, which featured her with her tongue between her teeth as she flashed a huge smile. She squinted her eyes shut and grasped the ends of her hair with both hands. In doing so, she flaunted a set of red-painted fingernails with pointy tips.

The following three photos showed Charly's shadow on the wall. Most of her lower body was captured in the frame as she struck a series of sultry poses. In one of the snaps, she held her arms above her head and pushed her locks behind her shoulders, with her back to the camera.

In the caption of the post, Charly wrote that she was an angel girl, using an emoji to represent the angel. The post proved popular among her 3.7 million followers, earning more than 420,000 likes and over 1,250 comments within the first day of going live.