Andreane Chamberland And Claudie Auclair Wear Matching Strappy Underwear In Risqué Halloween-Themed Update

Instagram model Andreane Chamberland shared a late Halloween-themed update with her 551,000 followers. The update, which was posted on Tuesday, November 3, showed Andreane and fellow model Claudie Auclair as they posed in some highly revealing strappy underwear. In the caption, Andreane insisted that Claudie kept her safe and, in return, she kept her wild.

The pair sported matching underwear. The top that Andreane wore crisscrossed her body and neck, joining with small rings. She teamed this with a red plaid shirt over her outfit, but it did little to hid what she was wearing. Claudie wore a similar bra, this one forming a star-pattern with the thin straps.

The black strappy bras did little to cover their ample assets. However, Andreane used her long blond hair to cover her nipples while Claudie preferred to use the black-and-white checkered shirt. Even still, plenty of cleavage was still on display.

Both also wore matching panties that sat low over their hips and helped to show off their flat stomachs and the tops of their toned thighs.

Andreane took the selfie and both posed in front of a large round mirror. On a low bench below that, a Halloween-themed display was evident. A variety of pumpkins and fall leaves scattered across the bench top.

A white decorative wooden screen could be seen behind Claudie. Meanwhile, on the other side was a tall set of drawers in a matching shade. Between the two, a large brown teddy bear was also positioned on a shelf.

Andreane's followers were quick to respond after she posted the images. Within 11 hours, the set had already garnered 15,100 likes and hundreds of comments from hers and Claudie's supporters.

"WoW absolutely gorgeous," one follower wrote in the comments section.

"This made my [Tuesday] better," a fan declared.

"Wow what a couple of gorgeous hotties," another user stated.

"Amazing girls," a fourth person wrote, also using a row of emoji for further emphasis.

Many followers used emoji rather than words as they rushed in to voice their opinion. The most popular appeared to be the fire, heart-eyes, and heart ones. However, the flower emoji was also used in excess as people aimed to show off how they felt about the scantily-clad images.

Andreane often shares risqué content with her official social media account, regularly including her friends as well. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently shared a topless group shot that included four models as they picked fruit. With their backs to the camera and their hair strategically placed, fans were instantly impressed with the shots.