‘Dead Island Riptide’ UK Steam Key Unlocks ‘Dark Souls’

Dead Island Riptide on Steam in the UK was accidentally given a key that unlocks Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

Dead Island Riptide is currently giving zombie game lovers another dose of what they loved in Dead Island, though Steam buyers in the United Kingdom may be experiencing unexpected confusion based on an accidental swap. The key that Steam gave a few UK players for Dead Island Riptide instead has them downloading Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition.

The issue was first noticed in the Steam forums, where the tale was told of Dead Island Riptide gamers noticing that when they went to download their game, something was awry. Namco Bandai’s game was being delivered instead of the sequel from Deep Silver.

Deep Silver community manager Maurice Tan decided to shine some light on the issue with a post of his own, “To the best of my knowledge, this issue would affect retail copies in the United Kingdom and Nordic countries. We are aware of this mix-up by whoever printed these codes for a completely different game from a different publisher, and are working on a best possible solution to help affected players and retailers.”

And if you happen to be one of those UK gamers who found themselves playing an undead in an action RPG title (Dark Souls) instead of a survivor of Banoi fighting off a new horde of zombies (Dead Island Riptide), don’t worry. You are urged to contact Steam and tell them what happened so they can resolve the issue.

Gamers today should not be having the issue, as Steam has apparently put things right and the key issue has been rectified. However, if you don’t mind having gotten the wrong game, you can always purchase Dead Island Riptide again. Steam probably won’t mind selling two games over this.

Are you one of the UK Steam customers who got Dark Souls instead of Dead Island Riptide?