2020 Election Memes: The Funniest Political Jabs From Both Sides Of The Aisle

President Donald Trump speaks at a rally on November 02, 2020 in Avoca, Pennsylvania. Donald Trump is crossing the crucial state of Pennsylvania in the last days of campaigning before Americans go to the polls on November 3rd to vote. Trump is currently trailing his opponent Joe Biden in most national polls.
Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Throughout the months of presidential campaigns, numerous Twitter users coped with the stress of the 2020 presidential election by sharing funny memes containing political jabs. Several citizens from both the Democratic and Republican parties created hilarious jokes that referenced trending news stories and well-known incidents that occurred during political events. Both sides were also quick to take jabs at the opposing candidates, bringing up various situations and quotes from the past.

Some voters expressed their depressed mood for Election Day and felt stressed about the outcome of the race. Through four different photos of distressed women from television shows, one person created a “mood board” to represent their feelings on November 3.

Others who were dreading the election shared popular distraught pictures of actor Ben Affleck standing on a beach and smoking a cigarette. Many people who commented on the meme related to the shots and stated that they just wanted the votes to be counted and not be stuck in uncertainty anymore.

Members of the Democratic Party used the well-known “Distracted Boyfriend” meme to take a jab at the way the president handled the coronavirus. They suggested that Trump ignored the warning signs about the disease and instead focused on other less important things like golfing. The snap also suggested that by doing so, he ignored the needs of the country.

Another user created an image to represent the chaos that ensued during the first presidential debate using the “Woman Yelling at a Cat” picture. The common photo features a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member screaming hysterically, followed by a picture of a confused looking cat. The meme suggested that the moderator had little control over the debate when Trump threw accusations that Biden had made poor decisions in the past.

Citizens that backed the Republican Party were also quick to create photo compilations that threw shade at the former vice president. One person referenced Biden’s tendency to have apparent lapses in his memory and suggested that he needed cue cards to remind him of his own name.

Adding to the theory that Biden is suffering from dementia, one Reddit user joked about the common ending that most campaign advertisements have and replaced the wording to reference his forgetfulness.

SLEEPY JOE IS SLEEPY. from PresidentialRaceMemes

Finally, some people felt that the campaigns were dividing the American people against themselves, causing unnecessary strife in communities. One person was able to capture the feeling using a scene from the children’s cartoon show SpongeBob SquarePants. The pic showed Mr. Krabs choking Patrick as SpongeBob looked on nervously, referencing the violence the country has experienced recently.