Lauren Simpson Stuns In Turquoise Sports Bra & Leggings That Show Off Her Killer Physique

Fitness model Lauren Simpson left her latest update on Instagram on Tuesday, November 3, in which she taught her 1.9 million followers how to properly execute a good morning while flaunting her killer physique.

The Australian native chose a figure-hugging outfit for the workout that consisted of a matching turquoise sports bra and leggings. The top featured a low neckline and a halter-style design along the back. It left plenty of skin exposed along Lauren's upper half, drawing the eye to her sculpted arms and shoulders. A strip of toned tummy could also be seen between the garments. The leggings rose high on her hips and extended to her ankles, contouring like a glove to her enviable curves.

Lauren completed the outfit with a pair of white socks and sneakers. She styled her long platinum-blond tresses in a low ponytail that trailed to her waist and pinned back loose strands around her face with a hair clip. She accessorized with a pair of glitzy stud earrings.

The post consisted of three slides, all featuring either a video or photo taken at the World Gym Northern Beaches, according to the geotag. Lauren demonstrated the proper way to carry out the fitness move on one half of the first frame while the other half contained the wrong way to execute it. In the following two slides, Lauren went into detail about the differences between the two videos, which was written in white lettering across a still shot.

Lauren explained in further detail in her caption how to execute a good morning the right way. She wrote the exercise is a hip-hinge movement similar to a Romanian deadlift and went on to add she sees several common mistakes with the move. Among her top tips were pushing the hips back, maintaining a tight core, not looking up, slightly bending the knees, and positioning the bar across the rear delts. Lauren warned trainees not to go too low or lift the heaviest weight possible as doing so will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

The post brought in a steady stream of likes and comments, reaching nearly 8,000 likes and close to 80 comments by the sixth hour of being live. As with many of her instructional posts, Lauren's fans expressed their appreciation for her expertise and guidance in fitness-related matters.

"I am loving all these Fix Your Form tips!" one user wrote.

"So helpful! Thanks," declared another follower.