Ringo Starr Jokingly Throws His Hat In The Presidential Ring With Cheeky Election IG Post: ‘I Love America’

Ringo Starr performs during the Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band concert at The Greek Theatre on September 01, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has jokingly thrown his hat in the presidential ring with a cheeky election IG post. He claimed “I love America” to the delight of his 932,000 followers, who have hit the like button over 94,000 times thus far.

The beloved musician added a graphic of himself winning the 2020 presidential race via a tongue-in-cheek share where he was claimed victory by an overwhelming margin across the United States. He also shared a favorite sentiment that Beatles fans know and love in the caption as well and followed that up with myriad emoji. These included a smiley face with hearts for eyes, a red heart, a face with sunglasses, fingers making a peace sign, starburst, and a purple square with a white peace sign atop it.

Ringo’s map of the United States was completely colored in purple, which was the color assigned to him on the key code at the bottom of the graphic. Joe Biden’s color was dark blue and current President Donald Trump was red.

The map showed Ringo winning the campaign by a majority vote of 100 percent.

In front of the map, a black-and-white photo of Ringo from the earlier part of the 1960s was shared.

This photo was likely taken in 1964 around the time the band released the album Beatles for Sale as Ringo’s hair is styled the same as the album’s cover, as seen here.

Ringo had his hands up in the air with his palms facing upward. His fingers were close together and two thick rings were visible on the pinky fingers of each hand. On his right wrist, a thick bracelet was seen. His left sported a watch with a dark band.

Ringo’s eyes were cast upward. He wore his hair in a thick mop atop his head that featured bangs that brushed across his eyebrows to the right. Long sideburns wrapped around his ears and to the ends of his jawline.

He wore the band’s beloved uniform of the era, a black suit with a white dress shirt and a dark tie.

“Oh, Ringo this is one of the few things that brought me joy this week,” joked one fan.

“I can’t believe THE Ringo Starr posted this,” remarked a second follower.


“He’s got my vote! As it should be. He’s got a ticket to ride this country,” claimed a fourth fan.