Tyra Banks Teases Wild, Rihanna-Inspired 'Met Gala' Look For Her Entrance Into The 'DWTS' Ballroom

Victoria Miller

Tyra Banks said her latest outfit for Dancing with the Stars is inspired by a famous fashion moment.

The supermodel-turned-TV-host teased that for Week 8 of the ABC celebrity ballroom competition, she will rock her signature color – yellow – for one ensemble before switching to a neon look later in the night.

In a pre-show interview, Tyra teased that her main DWTS outfit was inspired by music and fashion superstar Rihanna. She added that it's so big she almost decided not to wear it at all.

"My first look is so much I had to rehearse it before the rehearsal," Tyra told Entertainment Tonight before the live show.

Tyra explained that the mystery gown is so beautiful and "spectacular" that she felt it was too soon in the season to roll it out. She ended up meeting with the show's director, stage manager, and stylist to discuss whether she should wear the over-the-top ensemble or save it for the finale.

"We all [talked] about it, like, 'Should we or shouldn't we?' because this is a lot,'" she teased.

"It's yellow, my favorite color, and I know you guys are gonna think Rihanna. So maybe this is the cousin dress to the Met Gala dress that she wore. And we kind of look alike too, me and Rihanna. So I'm sure there's going to be a lot of side-by-side on the internet."

In the ET interview, Tyra also revealed that the gown is "so much" that she decided to wear sneakers underneath of it instead of her usual high heels so she can take the staircase gracefully as she makes her way into the Dancing with the Stars ballroom.

Tyra has brought fashion to the forefront on Dancing with the Stars since replacing longtime host Tom Bergeron, and she has received some backlash in the process. The new host and executive producer of the ABC dance-off has been accused of making the show about "her" and not about the celebrity contestants.

Some viewers have also accused Tyra of using the DWTS stage as her own personal runway, whole others have embraced her glamorous image and frequent costume changes as she brings a touch of America's Next Top Model magic to the ABC ballroom.