Natalie Maines Is Still Mad At Country Music

Kim LaCapria - Author

Aug. 23 2017, Updated 1:40 a.m. ET

Former Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines is working on some solo material — but the controversially outspoken musician admits she has no love lost for the country genre after comments she made about then-President George W. Bush went over poorly among fans years back.

During Bush’s presidency while she played with the Dixie Chicks in England, Natalie Maines told the crowd she was “ashamed” the Republican leader was from her home state of Texas.

Maines’ comments resonated with many Americans and even more Brits, but in country music, the Dixie Chicks were near exiled.

Years have passed, and the singer says she still has no love lost for country after the Bush brouhaha — and is confident the legacy of the former prez speaks for itself when it comes to her words.

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Maines says she no longer feels very fond of country, beginning in a recent interview:

“People do look at it as an insult that I say I don’t listen to country music, which cracks me up … Music is a personal preference. Everyone’s free to connect and like whatever they want.”

Maines continues, saying that the lack of acceptance for her viewpoint turned her off to country as a whole, saying:

“I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth about country radio. We did get supporters, but as a whole, the country music industry did not support us. Award shows would laugh at our expense. It was fun to hate us.”

But ten years on from her Bush critique, Natalie Maines still feels that not only was she on point, but that speaking out against the president at the time was more patriotic than not doing so. She adds:

“To me, I was right from the beginning, because it’s my right as an American to speak up and question our President, have my point of view, have my opinion, question what I want to question, and say what I want to say about our government … It’s very scary to me that people actually think we should just follow our leaders. If we can’t learn from our history, we’re nowhere.”

But Maines also says there is not much satisfaction in feeling vindicated by history, concluding that it’s ” … not a good ‘I told ya so’ with all these people losing their lives … war is horrible.”

Maines’ solo album, out on May 7, is titled Mother.


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