Gabriella Abutbol Flaunts Curvaceous Booty In Skintight Dress, Says It's Getting Too 'Nippy For A Kini'

Shawna Cory

Gabriella Abutbol wowed her 1.8 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Monday afternoon, in which the sassy fitness model displayed her killer physique in a clingy black dress.

She acknowledged the shift to autumn in the caption and hoped that her supporters liked her slightly less revealing attire because it was getting too chilly to wear a bathing suit all the time.

The majority of Gabriella's shares feature the sultry brunette wearing a skimpy bikini and posing provocatively for the camera. Fans did not seem remotely disappointed by her latest look, however, as the post racked up almost 3,300 likes — including one from fellow model Nicky Gile -- in less than 10 minutes after it was uploaded.

She posed outdoors, standing on a cement sidewalk lined with a short adobe wall. A lush background of desert trees and large aloe surrounded her enticing figure.

Gabriella flaunted her sculpted backside for the camera, and she turned and gazed over her left shoulder with a huge smile on her face. She spread her legs apart and balanced her weight on her right foot, slightly bending the other knee and pointing her toes on the ground. The small of her back was arched, and she casually tipped her head behind her, letting her loose curls cascade to her waist.

Her right arm was relaxed at her side, and she bent her left forearm up next to her body, framing the bottom of her curvaceous bust. The position of her hand and one of the trees behind her created an optical illusion in which it appeared she was holding onto the slender white trunk.

Gabriella's sleeveless dress featured a bias-cut hem that revealed much of her shapely thigh on one side. She paired the figure-hugging garment with a wide-brimmed white hat and a pair of white sneakers with stylish platform soles.

"You've now literally be[come] one my all time fav person here on IG and I freakin' love all of your beautiful posts," one fan gushed.

"Your vans are too cute," a second supporter remarked, referring to her choice in footwear.

"So cute! outfit goals," a third person declared.