Anna Katharina Looks Sexier Than Ever Posing By The Pool In String Bikini

Anna Katharina wears a bikini in sexy selfie.
Anna Katharina / Instagram

Temperatures might be dropping in some parts of the world, but blond bombshell Anna Katharina turned up the heat on her Instagram page with a series of photos that featured her looking smoking hot in a tiny bikini.

Anna’s skimpy swimsuit was black with vertical stripes. The top had small triangle-shaped cups that barely covered her breasts. She wore thong bottoms that left plenty of skin exposed.

Anna wore her blond locks parted on the side and down her shoulders in waves.

The popular influencer included three pictures in her update, and they all captured her sitting in between what appeared to be a swimming pool and hot tub combo. She was captured from a side view as she straddled a divider between the two with her calves submerged in the water.

In the first frame, Anna leaned back on one hand while she flashed a sultry expression on her face. With her hand behind her and her upper body facing the camera, the model showcased her voluptuous chest and flashed a bit of sideboob. Her bronze skin looked flawless in the light. A few drops of water on the tops of her thighs drew eyes to the lower part of her toned body.

Anna arched her back in the second slide, calling attention to her flat abs and the sexy curve of her body. With both hands between her legs, she turned her face toward the camera while she looked downward with her lips parted.

The popular influencer positioned her hands near the straps of her bottoms while she looked on in the third photo. With her back straight, she flaunted her ample bustline, trim tummy and toned thighs.

Judging from the number of flame emoji in the comments section, many of Anna’s followers thought she smoldered in the barely there bathing suit. Dozens took to the comments section to give the post some love.

“What a fine figure of a woman in that bikini! Just gorgeous. X,” one Instagram user wrote.

“Amazing series of pics. You never disappoint.,” a second admirer commented.

“Stunning pictures of you. You look amazing,” added a third follower.

“You look glamorous in your bikini,” a fourth comment read.

Anna’s followers are accustomed to seeing her flaunting her physique in bathing suits. Last month, she shared a series of snaps where she rocked a dark green bikini while striking several poses with wet skin and hair.