‘General Hospital’ Star Jophielle Love Causes A Stir With Reunion Instagram Snapshots

Michael Easton, Jophielle Love, and Finola Hughes star on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

Pint-size General Hospital star Jophielle Love shared a couple of posts on Instagram late Sunday night that generated a lot of buzz among the show’s fans. After months away from the set in Los Angeles, the young actress was back filming again. She reunited with her on-screen dad, Michael Easton (Dr. Hamilton Finn), and caused a stir with some photos that showed her with Rebecca Budig (Hayden Barnes) too.

Jophielle hadn’t been filming since before the coronavirus-driven production shutdown last spring. Most of the cast and crew started up again in July, but the youngest cast members were not incorporated into any scenes out of an abundance of caution.

Last week, viewers watched as Anna and Finn talked about celebrating Halloween with Violet. Unfortunately, nobody got to actually see Violet in these scenes. She was referenced, but not actually present. Now, it seems that’s going to change within the next few weeks.

The first group of photos Jophielle shared showed her hugging Michael on the General Hospital set. They both wore face masks and wrapped their arms around one another in a big bear hug. Michael even had his eyes closed in the initial embrace. In her caption, Jophielle said she was excited to be reunited with him.

Jophielle also said she was quite spoiled and had missed her General Hospital daddy. As excited as she was to be back on the set, it seemed that her on-air dad was just as thrilled.

A second post of Jophielle’s generated quite a bit of buzz among the soap’s fans. It was a pair of snaps showing her with Rebecca, her on-screen mom.

This made quite a few people wonder if it meant Hayden would be returning to Port Charles soon. Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily seem to be the case, as it appeared this was just a personal visit. The two became very close to one another when they worked together, and it seemed this was the first chance they’d had in a while to spend time together in person. General Hospital fans are still holding out hope for Rebecca to be brought back sooner rather than later though.

Viewers who follow the show’s Instagram page were already aware that Jophielle was back to work again. She was involved in a big celebration that took place last week to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Finola Hughes (Anna Devane) joining the soap.

Based on all of these photos, it seemed likely Jophielle first started filming again in the past week or so. That should mean her first on-air appearances will come in a few weeks. Spoilers hinted at some crazy twists and turns throughout November sweeps, given Alex is in town and Finn’s wedding is approaching.

Could Hayden be back heading into this anticipated wedding? Will Violet be at risk with the Alex, Anna, and Peter chaos that’s about to explode? General Hospital spoilers with some details should emerge soon and viewers can’t wait to learn more.