Amanda Cerny Wears Thigh-Highs With Revealing Velvet Bodysuit For Her Cruella De Vil Halloween Costume

Amanda posed with a cute prop.

Amanda Cerny attends the "WANTED" Series, presented by MWP Entertainment Group
Jerritt Clark / Getty Images

Amanda posed with a cute prop.

Amanda Cerny dressed up like the dalmatian-obsessed villainess Cruella de Vil for Halloween. However, instead of doing a spot-on imitation of one of the screen iterations of the character, she rocked a more revealing look.

The fitness model and influencer took to Instagram Sunday, November 1, to show off her costume inspired by the 101 Dalmatians antagonist.

While she didn’t replicate Cruella’s famous half-black, half-white hairstyle, she wore a flamboyant wig that was clearly inspired by it. The hairpiece was mostly white with a large streak of dark gray on one side. It was curled and teased so that it created a huge, puffy mass around Amanda’s head.

Her attire included a black velvet bodysuit with high-cut sides that showed off her toned legs. The back appeared to be cheeky, as one side of her derrière was exposed.

She also wore a pair of sheer, black thigh-high stockings. Their top bands were embellished with intricate floral lace details.

Amanda embraced Cruella’s ostentatious style by rocking bright green eye shadow and wearing a pair of satiny, red gloves that matched her crimson lips.

She held a red-and-blue cigarette holder between two fingers, and she feigned fluffing her hair with her free hand.

One of Amanda’s nods to the character’s fur fetish was the plush, fake fur coat she had on. It was a light tan color with black cheetah-like spots.

She posed with the perfect living prop: her adorable dalmatian puppy, Falco.

The photogenic duo was stretched out on the couch on top of a white terry cloth blanket. Falco was snuggled up beside Amanda, who was lying on her side. He had his eyes closed, and his head rested on the blanket. He looked peaceful and content, despite his close proximity to someone dressed like a known puppy-napper.

Amanda’s costume also made an appearance on Falco’s Instagram page in a photo that can be viewed here. The image revealed she also wore a statement necklace with large, turquoise stones, as well as a pair of green, teardrop-shaped dangle earrings. It also provided a clear view of the bodysuit’s bust, which had underwire cups and a low, sweetheart neckline that put the model’s ample assets on display.

“Whelp. I Didn’t even have to dress up this year,” read the caption included with the snapshot on the pup’s page.

In the comments section of the post on Amanda’s Instagram page, she shared her excitement over her 2020 Halloween costume.

“Been waiting my whole life to do this look,” she wrote.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Amanda rocked another look inspired by a movie ahead of Halloween. She sported an all-black ensemble that included a harness covered with pentagrams to dress like a witch for a screening of The Craft: Legacy.