Stassie Karanikolaou & Friends Nail ‘Sailor Moon’ Halloween Costumes

Stassie Karanikolaou attends the 3rd Annual #REVOLVEawards at Goya Studios.
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Stassie Karanikolaou and a slew of her celebrity friends — including Victoria Villarroel, Olivia O’Brien, and Kelsey Calemine — partied it up on Halloween. The gang rocked matching costumes inspired by the popular manga and anime, Sailor Moon, posing for pics as they enjoyed a festive meal and drinks. Stassie shared several snaps of the affair on her Instagram page Sunday night, as well as a video wherein each of the characters portrayed was given a place in the spotlight.

The social media maven took center stage, dressing up as the main character. Her Sailor Moon costume included a white crop top complete with a striped blue collar and a big red bow in the front. The low-cut number flashed a tantalizing glimpse of cleavage, while also leaving much of her midriff on display. Stassie paired it with a blue pleated miniskirt, which had a plunging waistline that dipped just below her bellybutton. It sported an incorporated belt adorned with the character’s iconic crescent moon symbol, which accentuated her trim figure.

The 23-year-old traded in her dark-brown tresses for a blonde wig, which was styled in Usagi Tsukino’s trademark long, high pigtails. She accessorized with a metallic-gold tiara and wore white-and-red gloves that reached her elbows. Stassie shared three separate photos of the Halloween look, striking cheeky poses for the camera.

The slideshow also featured two group pics of Stassie and her friends snuggled up together at the table. The stunner was seated next to Carter Gregory, who was dressed as Tuxedo Mask. He wore a black cape and top hat while holding up a red rose to the camera. Olivia was positioned to the left, next to Victoria, while Kelsey and Sydney Lynn sat to the right. The girls all emulated Sailor Scouts, looking fabulous in coordinating outfits that sported a different color.

Victoria came as Rei Hino (Mars), rocking a red miniskirt. Olivia opted for Minako Aino (Venus), sporting orange attire. Kelsey portrayed the alternate identity of Ami Mizuno (Mercury), flaunting a vibrant, short, blue wig and matching uniform. Meanwhile, Sydney wore green duds and a pink bow, topping off her Makoto Kino (Jupiter) costume with a long, brown wig.

The eye-catching upload immediately piqued the interest of Stassie’s fans, racking up more than 372,600 likes in the first four hours. Her supporters also left 800-plus comments on her post, complimenting her outfit.

“Such a serve,” wrote Tana Mongeau.

“My scouts are baddies,” Carter chimed in.

“Theeeeeee most fire,” gushed another Instagrammer, leaving a trail of fire emoji for emphasis. “Good for you,” they added.

“That’s the best friend gaing [sic] ever,” penned a fourth follower.

This was not the only Halloween look that Stassie has showcased this year. In a previous post, the Instagram sensation thrilled fans with a feminized take on Chucky, teaming up with one of her gal pals for a killer couple costume that paid tribute to the dangerous dolls from the 1998 comedic horror film Bride of Chucky.