‘L.A. Confidential’ Sequel Headed To Television

The long-awaited L.A. Confidential sequel probably won’t be coming to a theater near you. Instead, the follow-up is being envisioned as a new television series.

Author James Ellroy is reportedly shopping the proposed sequel around to various cable and broadcast television networks. The writer, who penned the original novel in 1987, is hoping to continue the adventures of his characters he created on the small screen.

Ellroy has specifically written the L.A. Confidential follow-up as a television series. The folks at New Regency are on-board as producers. Although several parties are said to be interested in the sequel, the project has yet to find a home. The author is hoping it will go straight to series.

However, this isn’t the first time someone has attempted to bring L.A. Confidential to the small screen. A spin-off series was conceived following the success of the movie’s theatrical run in 1997.

Although Kiefer Sutherland was cast in the role of Jack Vincennes, the show didn’t exactly live up to its big screen counterpart. Curious parties can check out the pilot episode included on the Blu-ray re-release of Curtis Hanson’s film.

Ellroy’s proposed follow-up isn’t the only project the author has in the works. Shakedown, a show set in the world of 1950 tabloid journalism, is said to be coming together at FX. Ellroy will write this series as well.

Shakedown was reportedly inspired by the life of Fred Otash. The notorious Hollywood informant claimed to have listened in while Rock Hudson told his wife he was gay. Otash also said he overheard President John F. Kennedy in bed with starlet Marilyn Monroe.

Even if Ellroy doesn’t get his proposed sequel off the ground, chances are he will have his hands full with his upcoming FX series.

Are you a fan of L.A. Confidential? What do you think about the author developing a sequel for the small screen?