November 1, 2020
Eddie Hassell Dead, 'Surface' & 'The Kids Are All Right' Star Dies In Alleged Carjacking At 30

Actor Eddie Hassell has died from a gunshot wound inflicted during an apparent carjacking, his representatives told TMZ. The Surface star was just 30 years old.

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday morning in Texas and is currently being investigated.

The Young Actor Portrayed Characters In A Variety Of Genres

Eddie Hassell attends the premiere party of Lifetime Original Series
Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown

Eddie is probably best known for his role on Surface, an otherworldly drama from NBC that ran from 2005-2006. He had a recurring role as Phil Nance, the best friend of Miles Barnett (Carter Jenkins), and he worked alongside Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester and Lake Bell.

Devious Maids was another short-lived project in the list of works that Eddie was featured in. In the Lifetime drama, he played Eddie Suarez, a wrongly convicted murderer.

Eddie had worked in film as well from a young age and is known for his role as Clay in The Kids Are All Right, the Golden Globe-winning, Academy Award-nominated movie starring Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo. He also portrayed Apple's Chris Espinosa, the eighth employee hired by Steve Jobs, in the movie, Jobs.

More recently, he worked on the indie film, Bomb City, which won awards at the Dallas International Film Festival. Set in Eddie's home state of Texas, the film followed a group of punk rockers and was based on the life of musician Brian Deneke.

His last credit was as a waiter in 2017's Oh Lucy!

Eddie's Passion For Skateboarding Helped Him Get His First Acting Job

During an interview with Elle after his role on Jobs, he shared that skateboarding helped get him his first gig in commercials. He also loved to ride horses and had a penchant for surfing and scuba diving, which led him to do his own stunt work.

In an Instagram post that featured him in the water geared up for diving, which can be seen here, Eddie wrote about his love of the sea.

"I will forever have a penchant for the sea. Knowing there's a vast expanse that reaches out as a conduit to the rest of the world is exciting, even if it also appears like a great forbidding territory."

The Actor Was Fascinated By All Things Macabre

In what would seem to be the antithesis of a surfer-dude, Eddie was also a fan of the macabre. In posts on Instagram, he featured dark images of ancient castles and twists on vintage horror photos. In one such post, he lamented the loss of Vincent Price, who was best known for his work in horror films, including House of Wax and The Last Man on Earth.
"The world lost a great deal of style, class, and talent on this day in 1993 when Vincent Price left the earth. You truly were one of the greatest horror actors to ever grace the silver screen. R.I.P."
Eddie's most recent update was a photo of a castle, complete with stained glass and turrets. He labeled the abode his "dream house." It can be seen here.

In the interview with Elle, he shared that his dream job would be working on a Tim Burton movie.