Miss Korea 2013 Contestants All Look Identical, Say Redditors

Miss Korea 2013 contestants all look identical, according to a new Reddit thread titled “Korea’s plastic surgery mayhem is finally converging on the same face. Here are the miss korea 2013 contestants.”

Redditor “ShenTheWise” first posted the thread, and another Redditor followed up with this handy.gif featuring all twenty contestants from Miss Korea 2013.

But wait up, isn’t suggesting people from the same race all look identical kind of racist?

Well, it certainly can be, but maybe not in this instance. Firstly, this generalization only stretches to twenty people. And let’s face it: That.gif is pretty damn eerie.

To reassure everybody, a Seoul-based Redditor soon joined the conversation to tell others:

“You arent racist. Those women in fact do look unnervingly similar and yes, Koreans think so too. This is because they all get the exact same plastic surgeries and the surgeons follow the same formulas for noses and eyes and everything else theyve had done (fillers, cheek and forehead implants, eye surgery, nose surgery, jaw reduction, breast job, calf muscle job, fat grafting etc). Every single one of them has had nose and eye surgery. Those faces costed those girls thousands. Also dont underestimate makeup, theyve got it caked on in a similar style.”

The same user also goes on to note that South Koreans jokingly refer to the women as “Samsung robots.”

What say you, readers?