Madi Teeuws Sizzles In Black Sexy Kitten Halloween Costume: ‘I’m Not Basic I’m Different’

Madi Teeuws on Instagram.
Madi Teeuws / Instagram

Madi Teeuws treated her Instagram followers to four photos of herself posing in a sexy kitten Halloween costume, and they appreciated that she didn’t seem to have any tricks up her sleeve for the spooky holiday.

In the shots, Madi wore a sexy getup that made her look like a cat. She used her highlighted hair to create the ears by parting her locks down the center and creating two pigtails, which she didn’t pull all the way through to create floppy buns on each side of her head.

Madi had on a black tank-style leotard with a deep v-neck that showcased her ample cleavage and shapely shoulders. She had a simple ribbon choker with a bell attached to serve as a collar. Around her waist, she tied a short shiny sarong. Large fishnet patterned tights, knee-high boots, and furry fingerless gloves completed the outfit. She also drew a raven heart nose and whiskers on her face.

The first image showed Madi on one knee on a tiled rooftop overlooking Hollywood. Behind her sat a spiderweb and several trees. She held her hands like paws in front of her, showcasing her simple manicure. She bent her other leg out beside her, highlighting her boots.

For the second image, Madi posed indoors in a blue spooky-looking setting. She partly faced away from the camera’s lens, looking back down at it. The pose revealed that the leotard featured a thong back, showcasing her pert derriere. Sparkly earrings and a simple bracelet were also visible in the photo.

The third picture showcased Madi’s whole body as she stood outside again. The angle highlighted her long, lean legs and nipped-in waist. The model held up one side of her sarong, revealing more of her bodysuit underneath.

In the final shot, Madi stood facing the side, and she winked at the camera with her tongue sticking out. She kept her hands held in front of her as if they were kitten paws.

In the caption, she made fun of herself for choosing such a basic costume, but she revealed she’d had a lot of fun celebrating the holiday with friends. Her Instagram followers shared plenty of love for the look, with at least 6,600 hitting the “like” button, and nearly 100 took the time to leave a comment, and many chose the flame to visually represent their comments.

“Here, kitty kitty kitty! This look is fire, Madi. I love it,” declared a fan who used several red heart-eye emoji.