Sarah Houchens Flaunts Perfect Pumpkin Booty In Skintight Orange Leggings

Fitness model Sarah Houchens thrilled her 1 million followers with her most recent share on Sunday, in which she showed off her assets wearing a festively colored ensemble. She expressed surprise in the caption that October is already over and hashtagged "fitnessmotivation" and "squats," along with a few other related phrases. Almost 25,000 fans appreciated her appearance by hitting the "like" button on the day the post was uploaded.

Sarah posed outdoors in a garden filled with trees and bordered by a tall, red brick building in the background. She stood angled to one side with her enviable booty facing the camera, in front of a plot of what appeared to be blooming lavender. A few wooden planter boxes scattered on her right were filled with leafy green plants that appeared to be a type of squash.

Her legs were slightly spread, giving an ample view of the shape of her muscular thighs, and her leggings clung to her backside. The lightweight fabric stretched taut over her lower body and diffused sunlight created an alluring play of light and shadow across her sculpted cheeks.

Sarah's midsection appeared remarkably slender in the high-waisted garment, which was emphasized by the pose and the swell of her rear end below. She also wore a black crop top with cap sleeves and a large cut-out section that exposed her chiseled back.

The natural light also illuminated her long, blond hair, creating a subtle halo effect around her head. She tipped her head back and turned to gaze at the camera over her left shoulder, with wide eyes and a small smile on her face.

Both elbows were bent, and Sarah brought her hands together in front of her torso. She accessorized with a few delicate gold chains around one wrist.

Sarah's Instagram followers flooded the comments section with expressions of adoration for the petite beauty.

"Tiny waist thicc booty," observed one fan.

"You are so gorgeous," declared a second supporter, adding a flame to emphasize the compliment.

"All your hard work pay$ [sic] off. Damn," praised a third person.

Last month, The Inquisitr covered a post in which Sarah showed off her derriere wearing a lacy thong and bra combo. She shot a series of different poses on a sunny balcony and used the bright light to her advantage as it poured over her bare skin. Fans were dazzled by the share, and it has garnered almost 34,000 likes to date.