Susan Lucci, 73, Rocks Crimson Pants & Heels: ‘Put On YOUR Running Shoes And VOTE’

Susan Lucci visits Build to discuss the show "Celebrity Autobiography" at Build Studio.
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Soap legend Susan Lucci did her part to encourage Americans to cast their ballots in the upcoming presidential election, and she managed to look smoking hot while doing it.

In the shot, Lucci, who is 73, stood outside on a gravel path near a flagpole that featured the American flag flying. In the background stood several trees, hedges, and a garden set against a cloudy sky. Lucci wore a short-sleeve white t-shirt with the word “vote” emblazoned across the chest in red and blue letters. She paired it with crimson skinny pants and matching high heels.

Lucci posed with one leg bent and reached one hand down to grasp her shoe’s pointy heel. Her other arm was raised, pointing at the stars and stripes flying above her. She wore her brunette hair styled mostly straight, and it fell in layers around her face and over her shoulders. She had a big tooth smile on her face. For accessories, the actress had on dangly red earrings that hung down nearly to her shoulders.

The actress made a play on words in her caption, urging her followers to put on their running shoes, which are the opposite of the sleek heels she wore. Her followers seemed to love the whole look. At least 2,400 hit the “like” button, and more than 125 took the time to leave a positive comment, with several sharing their stories of voting early.

“I already voted! My son, who is now old enough to vote in his first Presidential Election, will be voting today! That’s a big deal in my house!” enthused one fan.

“Thank you, Susan, for showing your patriotism… such a cute picture… but most of all, thank you so much for not using your celebrity to boast about who you voted for and speaking badly about the other candidate and that Susan Lucci is why I have always loved you!!” wrote another happy follower.

“Yes, vote and wear your pearls for R.B.G.,” wrote another Instagram user, referencing former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who passed away recently.

“Thanks for encouraging folks to exercise their civic duty. I voted last Saturday,” a fourth devotee replied, adding several red and blue hearts to complete the message.

Lucci regularly engages her followers by sharing current photos of herself living her daily life, as well as fun throwbacks from her time on All My Children and other activities. The Inquisitr previously reported that she showed off her killer physique in a flashback video that featured her practicing pilates.