Jason Aldean, Wife Having ‘Problems,’ Rep Confirms

Country singer Jason Aldean and his wife Jessica Ussery are having marital problems after 11 years together, the musician’s rep took the unusual step of confirming.

Jason Aldean’s marriage problems may not come entirely as a shock given some recently high-profile missteps the singer has made, but some time has passed since the gossip-heavy events came to pass.

In October, Aldean was photographed getting frisky — with a woman who is not Jessica Ussery. The images of Jason Aldean kissing another woman soon went viral on Twitter and similar sites, and the situation quickly erupted into a cheating scandal.

But by November, Aldean and Ussery appeared to have patched things up, appearing together on CBS This Morning to address the scandal as well as an upcoming event.

At the time, Aldean mused of the cheating scandal and its effects on his marriage:

“I think we’re fine, you know? I think any time you go through anything like that, I mean, it’s tough. We’ve been together for a long time and through a lot of things together.”

Admitting it “hasn’t always been roses,” he added:

“Those are things that most people get to deal with in private, but we didn’t have the luxury of doing that.”

Jason said that when kids are involved, however, marriage problems are worth working out. But Aldean and Ussery may still be feeling the repercussions of the cheating scandal, as a rep confirms to media this week.

Asked whether Jason Aldean and Jessica Ullery have already split, the rep told people that the pair were indeed having a rough patch but hadn’t moved to divorce yet:

“I can confirm that Jason and his wife are having problems, but there is nothing more to share with the press at this time. It’s a private family matter, and we hope everyone will respect that he would like to keep it that way.”

Jason Aldean and his wife are parents to two kids, a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old.