Chloe Saxon Flaunts Her Buxom Curves In A Scandalously Sexy Little Black Dress

Ava Bennet

Buxom bombshell Chloe Saxon thrilled her 843,000 Instagram followers with her latest share, a steamy double update in which she flaunted her hourglass shape in a sexy little black dress. The snap was captured in London, U.K, as the geotag indicated, and Chloe was perched on a gray tufted couch with luxurious-looking velvet pillows around her. Chartreuse velvet drapes were visible in the background as a pop of color amidst the semi-sheer white curtains.

Chloe rocked an ensemble from Fashion Nova, a brand that she has worn on her Instagram page many times before. She made sure to tag the label's page in the post.

The dress had a simple and sexy silhouette, with a neckline that stretched across her chest, revealing a serious amount of cleavage. One thin bejeweled strap extended over her shoulder, sparkling in the light, and the other strap stretched from the side of her breast across her chest and around her neck.

The asymmetrical straps drew more attention to her tantalizing cleavage, and the style left her arms and shoulders bare.

The black fabric hugged her ample assets and nipped in at her slim waist before stretching back out over her shapely hips. The hem came a few inches down her legs, leaving her curvaceous thighs on display. She crossed her legs in the photo and rested one hand on the couch beside her while the other went to her silky tresses, brushing them away from her face.

Chloe's long locks were parted in the middle, and they tumbled down her chest and back in soft curls. She gazed at something in the distance in the first snap, looking absolutely gorgeous in the sexy dress.

Chloe's followers couldn't get enough of the smoking-hot update, and the post racked up over 1,500 likes and 52 comments from her audience within 38 minutes.

"Gorgeous!!" one fan wrote, followed by a heart-eye emoji.

"Hottest model on IG," another follower added.

"So beautiful," a third fan remarked.

"Oozing with glamour," yet another follower chimed in.

As The Inquisitr reported, Chloe recently stunned her audience with a figure-hugging ensemble that featured a skintight leather garment. She had the left side of her face painted in a colorful sugar skull makeup look for the festive Halloween outfit.