Vibrating Underwear iPhone App Creates High Tech Foreplay [Video]

Vibrating underwear? There’s an app for that.

Australian condom maker Durex announced that it is launching an iPhone-enabled men and women’s underwear line to, well, facilitate phone sex. The company calls it the future of foreplay. Perhaps it even gives an expanded definition of the term “sexting.”

The somewhat awkward “Fundawear” introductory video nonetheless has four million YouTube hits so far. As described, the app seems to be user friendly:

“The sexy underthings… are controlled by an iPhone app and contain wires and sensors. Users simply drag their fingers over a diagram in the app to pinpoint which part of the bras, briefs or underwear they want to buzz.”

Users can also vary the magnitude of the experience: “… each phone can be linked to a shared server, which is in turn connected to the lingerie, to send the physical message. He also reveals that the intensity with which you use your finger on the app matches the intensity of the touch felt at the receiving end.”

Creating the appropriate feel, so to speak, was tricky according to the designer of the new iPhone-controlled underwear product:

“The men’s version is a black boxer brief with blue stitching around the thigh and groin, and the women’s design includes a black bra and panty, with purple-pink lace detail around the leg holes… the main challenge in designing the collection was balancing comfort, appearance, and functionality.”

Fundawear appears to still be in the prototype or experimental stage, and Durex is seeking input from potential customers on its Facebook. Couples are also invited to enter a contest that involves describing they would creatively use Fundawear with the prize being the opportunity to become an official Fundawear tester.

Durex claims its new product is “definitely the most fun you can have with your clothes on.”

Do you think Fundawear, if it actually comes to market, could make long-distance relationships more manageable? Would you be at all interested in purchasing Fundawear vibrating underwear or is it too freaky? Do you believe it would be “fun” to wear?