Lindsey Pelas Recreates Melania Trump Glamour Shot In Silver Bikini That Can Barely Contain Her Curves

Treva Bowdoin

Lindsey Pelas dazzled her devotees by rocking a shiny bikini for a photo shoot inspired by first lady Melania Trump's modeling career.

On Halloween night, Lindsey shared an alluring photo of her skimpy costume with her 8.8 million Instagram followers. In her caption, she explained that her look was based on one of the steamy shoots that Melania posed for years ago. Yahoo! Life shared the picture she recreated, which showed President Donald Trump's wife posing in a two-piece constructed out of hard pieces of metal.

Lindsey's own flashy bikini was crafted out of sleek silver fabric with a chrome-like finish. The bathing suit was trimmed with black faux fur. In lieu of strings, the garment was held together with thin silver chains. The voluptuous model was photographed lying on her back on top of an off-white, faux fur rug. She stretched her beautiful body out by placing her left hand behind her head. At the same time, she clutched the center of her triangle top with her right hand. The garment already looked like it was struggling to contain her colossal cleavage, and her pose caused a considerable amount of spillage on the left side.

The chain-link sides of her bottoms arched up high over the swells of her shapely hips, and they plummeted down low to connect to the tiny front panel. Lindsey arched her back a bit and slightly spread her legs. Her provocative pose made her right hip jut out to the side to display a tantalizing tease of the curve of her pert derriere.

She accessorized with stacked necklaces comprised of silver loops. The model is usually blond, but she rocked a long brunette wig in her pic. Her silky hairpiece featured a center part, and the length was mostly spread out on the right side of her face. Lindsey narrowed her eyes and slightly parted her lips as she stared into the camera's lens.

"Not to take away her modeling career or pictures but you look Hotter!" wrote one admirer.

"You have a great sense of humour! That in itself, is very sexy. Ok, the rest is also very sexy! Lmao!" another fan commented.

"Hit that one out of the park," a third person remarked.

"Presidential indeed, absolutely beautiful, you've pulled that off extremely well. Creativity at it's finest," wrote a fourth fan.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Lindsey showed off a second Halloween costume earlier in the day. She dressed up in a sexy cowgirl getup, complete with an insanely tiny pair of Daisy Dukes.