Gabby Epstein Flaunts Alluring Physique In Lingerie Ensemble With An Angelic Twist

Aussie model and social media maven Gabrielle "Gabby" Epstein was snapped donning a particularly revealing costume for her latest Instagram update. In the Saturday, October 31, post, the 26-year-old got into the spirit of the Halloween season along with her 2.3 million followers by appearing as a lingerie-clad angel in all white.

Epstein captioned the multi-pic, polaroid slideshow by referring to herself as the "guardian angel" of River the dog, a Labrador retriever-Jindo mix that she rescued from a shelter in Korea.

A significant number of the Gold Coast native's fans were clearly smitten by the display, as they double-tapped the post to the tune of almost 25,000 likes in less than two hours after it had appeared on her feed. Moreover, a litany of replies praising Epstein's sultry share had been left in the comments section.

"Will you be my guardian angel?" asked one particularly smitten fan.

"You are always the perfect angel to me anyway," opined a second commenter.

"So gorgeous and sexy."
"I love the retro vibe," added an admirer of the instant camera aesthetic.
"Well done."
"I wish I was at that Halloween party," wished a fourth follower.The first photo in the four-pic set showed Epstein posing in front of a ruffled curtain in a lacy, white lingerie ensemble that masked her more intimate attributes and little else. With her hands clutching the dramatically plunging waistband of her panties on both sides and her back arched moderately to accentuate her curvy figure, the model presented a pouty smolder to the device that documented her.

Her head was also adorned with a fuzzy halo in the mid-shot — and throughout the spread — while a pair of feathered wings extended from her back in both directions.

Epstein's second snap was a closeup capture of her upper body in the same attire. Although she was slightly out of focus due to her proximity to the camera, her plump lips and piercing eyes were well-evidenced in the shot, as was her perky bust, which was practically bursting out of her bra.

The next slide featured another medium shot of the angelic Epstein, which had been taken from more of a straight-on vantage point, as opposed to the side view of the opener. This time, she peered almost directly into the camera while allowing her arms to rest at her side. The dramatic shift from her bosom to her narrow waist and down toward her shapely hips was significantly more pronounced in the pic.

Finally, Epstein capped off the pictorial with a rear-view capture that showed her back, booty and wings in significant detail.

Earlier on Halloween day, Epstein similarly flaunted her killer physique in a post that showed her wearing emerald-hued lingerie.