Bella Thorne Has A Bubble Bath & Reveals That She's 'Lonely' In Racy Instagram Photo

Kieran Fisher

Bella Thorne took to Instagram this weekend and delighted her 24.1 million followers with a revealing bathtub snap. She released the image to promote her new single, "Lonely," and also shared the music video in the comments section.

The image gave fans a taste of what to expect in the video, which features clips of Thorne bathing and sulking around her house in lingerie. In the song, the singer croons about only using her phone when she's in the need for love.

In the photo, the pop star and actress stood in soapy water holding her phone, taking a selfie. She was naked in the snap, though her skin was covered in bubbles and she wore some glamorous accessories to add some style to the proceedings.

Thorne's auburn hair was tied back with a white and red headband. She wore a pair of white gloves that boasted small black hearts all over them, but that was the full extent of her clothing.

The singer also rocked an expensive-looking watch on her left wrist. Her other jewelry choices included a white, silver and black necklace and a pair of green emerald and diamond earrings.

The snap delighted her followers, many of whom took to the comments section to compliment the former Disney star on her appearance and her latest release.

"Bella is literally the greatest," wrote one Instagrammer.

"Never lonely again when Bella Thorne is around," noted a second Instagram user.

Thorne has been promoting her new release and explaining the meaning behind the concept in recent days. As documented by Just Jared, the songstress revealed that it was inspired by her own life.

"The idea came from my own personal experience. When I am lonely and horny up late at night, I kept looking at my phone going on Instagram scrolling through different apps, really just wanting that attention from someone."

The pop star has also been celebrating the Halloween season. As The Inquisitr noted, she recently shared an image of her dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.