Natalia Garibotto Brings The Heat In A Sexy Sailor Moon Costume

Brazilian hottie Natalia Garibotto stunned her Instagram followers with an anime-inspired costume just ahead of Halloween. The model dressed as a sexy Sailor Moon, giving her audience an ample view of her bodacious curves as she struck a sultry pose in the kitchen.

Her outfit included a white bra over which Natalia draped the character's iconic accessories -- a striped, blue collar and a big, red bow. Even with the decorations in place, the skimpy top still left plenty of cleavage on display. On her lower half, the stunner wore a coordinated miniskirt that clung tightly to her waist, billowing over her hips. The pleated garment was high-waisted, which accentuated Natalia's taut midriff, emphasizing her hourglass shape. The blond bombshell finished off the smoking hot look with sheer, white, thigh-high stockings.

She added plenty of bling including a sparkling wrap bracelet, a pair of rings on her fingers, and a pendant necklace that spelled out her name. She also wore a red choker to match the bow on her top. A similar bow adorned the back of her skirt. The busty beauty styled her hair into half-up pigtails. Her nails were lacquered with a bright-red polish that matched her accessories.

Natalia shared two photos of the tantalizing look, which offered her admirers a back-to-front view of her racy costume and killer curves. The first snap gave fans an eyeful of her pert posterior as she leaned her hands on a counter, seductively arched her back, and raised her knee. The pose showcased her high-heeled sandals. She stuck out her rear end and flashed her peachy buns. Her long tresses tumbled down to her backside, further drawing the eye to her voluptuous assets.

A swipe to the next slide showed Natalia pulling up one side of her skirt to flash the tiny, blue bottoms she wore underneath. She cocked her hip and parted her legs, tilting her head as she shot a flirty gaze at the camera. Her locks spilled over her shoulders, framing her shapely chest and spotlighting her famously buxom figure.

The model stood in front of a floor-to-ceiling window, occupying the small space between two rows of counters. The reflections of at least two other people could be seen in the glass, suggesting Natalia had company and may have been at a party.

The Bang Energy babe penned a small caption for her post, adding a crescent moon to further indicate which character she was portraying.

The suggestive upload immediately caught the attention of her followers, racking up more than 55,400 likes and 260-plus comments in just seven hours. Many of her fellow models and influencers — such as Alexa Dellanos, Yaslen Clemente, Bri Teresi, Kiki Passo, Gabriella Abutbol, Francia James, and Neyleen Ashley — dropped gushing messages under her post. Other fans decided that a trail of emoji was enough to express their admiration.

"Omg so unbelievably sweet so gorgeous! Love you're [sic] costume," wrote one person, adding a pair of loving emoji. "Happy Halloween weekend," continued the message.

"My goodness!! The best looking sailor I've ever seen," quipped another Instagrammer.

"The thickest sailor," remarked a third devotee, leaving two peach emoji as a nod to Natalia's perky derrière.

"Emphasis on the moon, thankfully," a fourth admirer wrote.

Natalia kicked off the Halloween celebration early this year and has been showcasing her holiday outfits on Instagram since the beginning of the month. In a post shared October 6, the smokeshow flaunted her curvaceous figure in a sexy schoolgirl uniform complete with an impossibly tiny miniskirt, garter belt, and thigh-high stockings.

Natalia wowed her admirers with an even steamier look last week, flashing her bombshell curves in risqué lingerie and a police hat. Check out the hot pic here.