Donald Trump Pokes Fun At ‘Politically Correct’ Laura Ingraham For Wearing Mask At His Rally

Laura Ingraham appears at the CPAC conference.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Donald Trump teased Laura Ingraham at a rally on Friday, calling the Fox News host “politically correct” for wearing a mask at the crowded event.

Trump appeared in Michigan, where he spoke to supporters as part of a final push ahead of Election Day. As USA Today reported, during the rally he called out for Ingraham, looking for her in the crowd, then took a moment to poke fun at the facial covering she was wearing.

“I can’t recognize you,” Trump said. “Is that a mask? No way, are you wearing a mask? I’ve never seen her in a mask. Look at you. Laura, she’s being very politically correct. Whoa!”

The statement drew pushback online, with many saying it was inappropriate for the president to speak poorly of safety measures, even if the comment was in jest.

As the report noted, Trump has often stirred controversy for not embracing the use of facial coverings to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Even after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended their use in public settings, Trump said he would likely not wear a mask. He made several appearances where he did not wear one, sometimes going against local ordinances mandating they be worn in public.

Though Trump has since publicly recommended the use of masks and worn them on occasion, he has continued to make a number of conflicting statements and has mocked others for choosing to wear them. He took a jab at Democratic candidate Joe Biden during the presidential debate for wearing one in public. In May, he took a dig at a reporter for being “politically correct” and not taking off their mask during a press briefing.

He has also come under fire for continuing to hold rallies that include large crowds and no strict requirements for social distancing, even after a series of outbreaks within the White House. As USA Today noted, Ingraham was present at a reception held at the White House Rose Garden to celebrate the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Afterward, a number of top Republicans who attended the event, or were connected to those who did, tested positive for coronavirus, including Trump, his wife, and their young son.

As The Inquisitr reported, Ingraham herself has been critical of the coronavirus pandemic and accused Democrats of using scare tactics to encourage voters to back Biden. Earlier this week, she said members of the media were colluding with Democrats by “breathlessly” covering the sharp rise in cases across the country. The number of new infections surged to more than 90,000 on Friday, setting a one-day record.

She went on to say the policies proposed by Biden to slow the spread of the virus would not be effective.