Patrick Mahomes’ Pregnant Fiancée, Brittany Matthews, Flaunts Her Curvy Booty & Baby Bump During Workout

Brittany Matthews and Patrick Mahomes attend the Maxim Big Game Experience
Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Brittany Matthews, who is engaged to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, flaunted her athletic figure in a series of workout videos for her latest Instagram update. In the post, she was filmed wearing a sports bra with formfitting leggings that accentuated her curves.

The model recently announced her pregnancy but has found time to continue hitting the gym, and she shared some fitness tips with her followers in this post. She was recorded doing supersets at a gym where she alternated between various machines and free weights.

Matthews had her golden-blond hair up in a high ponytail. The 24-year-old wore a tight-fitting white sports bra that hugged her chest and had a scooping neckline. She also wore a pair of pink and white tie-dye leggings that outlined her lower-body, as well as a pair of white sneakers. Matthews began the routine in a pink zip-up sweater.

In the first slide, the social media influencer was filmed from the side as she performed squats with a barbell across her shoulders. Viewers were given an eyeful of her curvaceous backside as she bent down with each repetition. For the second clip, Matthews grabbed a kettlebell and did squats while holding the weight between her legs.

The model was shot holding onto straps that were connected to a machine for the third slide. She grabbed dumbbells and did lateral raises for the second portion of that set. Matthews rested her back against a wall while stretching out a resistance band in the next clip. This angle gave fans a glimpse of her baby bump in the cropped top. The final slide started with a shot of Matthews’ dogs, who were lounging around the gym. Then the camera panned over to capture her performing butterfly raises with free weights.

For the caption, the Texas native included detailed instructions for the routine and mentioned how much she enjoys supersets. She included two flex and one smile emoji before uploading the footage on Friday.

Many of the influencer’s 730,000 Instagram followers flocked to the videos, and nearly 19,000 made their way to the like button in just over three hours after they went live. Matthews received more than 200 comments as fans filled the replies with compliments.

“The bump. I can’t handle it Britt, I really caaaaaannttttt,” model Kayle Nicole commented.

“May the booty and the belly grow,” one follower wrote.

“Brains, beauty, bump, AND booty,” another added.

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for posting a picture makeup free while you workout,” an Instagram user replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, earlier in the week Matthews showcased her fit physique in orange leggings.