Ramen Rage On Flight To L.A. Sees Korean Businessman Deported

A “ramen rage” incident on a flight from South Korea to Los Angeles has seen a high-ranking Korean businessman deported.

The incident occured on a Korean Air flight from Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. When a business class passenger expressed dissatisfaction with the taste of his in-flight meal, cabin crew members brought him a bowl of ramen as a replacement.

This also wasn’t to the passenger’s taste, with the man reportedly angered enough to yell: “Too salty and the noodles are half-cooked!” He followed his outburst by slapping a crew member across the face with a magazine. Nice.

News of the assault quickly got back to the United States and the passenger from the “ramen rage” flight was greeted in L.A. by the FBI, who prevented him from entering the country and sent him back to Seoul.

Rocket News 24 reports that the man was a high-level official at Posco, South Korea’s largest iron manufacturer.

His ramen rage aside, the Korean businessman was reportedly rude and disruptive, claiming that crew had bumped into him and that it was too hot inside the plane. When a crew member offering ice water smiled at the man’s request for a gin and tonic instead, the passenger snapped back: “Don’t you laugh at me!”

In Los Angeles, FBI agents offered the passenger a choice of being arrested and facing an investigation or an immediate return to South Korea. He chose the latter.

The “ramen rage” flight has become widely reported in Korea, prompting the Posco Group to publish an official apology.

[Image via Shutterstock.com]