Demi Rose Shows Off Cleavage In Green String Bikini While Posing In Paradise

Demi Rose poses on the red carpet.
John Phillips / Getty Images

Demi Rose recently gave her Instagram followers an eyeful, sharing a picture of her green string bikini and showing off plenty of cleavage amid a beautiful tropical backdrop.

The 25-year-old model took to the platform to share the racy snap, which appeared to come from her recent getaway to the Maldives. The image, shared on her Instagram stories, was taken from a close distance, framing her from the chest up and flaunting her famous curves.

Rose shot a steely gaze into the camera, with her long hair swept back behind her shoulders and her skin glistening. Behind her were some lush tropical plants and a strip of white sand from a beach that was farther in the distance. The snap appeared to be a selfie, with Rose’s arms outstretched in the foreground and the camera steadied on her face.

The picture was one of many images that she has shared during the sun-soaked trip. As The Sun reported, she has spent a lot of time sunbathing and posing in swimwear.

The trip hasn’t all been easy, however. During that time, she used her social media to strike back at some body-shaming trolls who made remarks about her attire.

“When people assume you’ve gained weight during quarantine cause you wear an oversized shirt. No, I’m just pale,” she wrote. “Don’t come for me.”

Rose went on to share some harsh words for critics, saying she has no time for people who try to shame others for the way they look.

Demi Rose poses for a photo.
  Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

The criticism didn’t seem to have much effect on her recent posting habits as she uploaded more images of herself wearing skimpy attire while partying with friends.

In another Instagram story that came shortly after her green swimsuit shot, Rose wore a revealing top while enjoying the nightlife with a group of friends who were also scantily clad. She then added a series of short video clips showing off a beautiful sunset at the edge of the ocean, with waves crashing against the shore and the same white sand seen in the background of her bikini snap.

Her feed was filled with more shots from the getaway, including a number of other photos that drew viral reactions from fans. As The Inquisitr reported, another recent post showed her wearing a plunging bikini top. The trip has attracted some attention beyond social media as well, with a number of celebrity news outlets sharing her sexy images and keeping up on her activities on the tropical island chain in the Indian Ocean.