Kylie Jenner Reportedly At War With Sister Kim Kardashian Over Her Excessive Demands

Kim Kardashian threw herself a lavish 40th birthday party on a private island with her friends and family, but notably absent was her youngest sister, Kylie Jenner. On top of that, she wasn't at a get together at Kim's ranch in Wyoming. While it could be chalked up to work obligations, an insider says that the two are fighting because Kylie is tired of Kim's excessive demands, as The Sun reported.

Apparently, conflict among the various sisters isn't unusual.

"At least two of the sisters are always fighting -- that's how families are -- but right now there's major tension between Kylie and Kim," the source claimed.

Part of the issue is that Kim is reportedly asking for things from her family members that Kylie feels is excessive.

"Firstly, there's no way Kylie had time or wanted to quarantine for two weeks before the trip and she told her that. She's tired of Kim making demands and everyone having to do what she says," the insider said.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. There has been tension bubbling between the two long before the Wyoming and birthday trips.

"She just didn't want the pressure of being on a huge trip with Kim -- they bicker about everything to how much she 'owes her success' to Kim, to who is more successful," the source explained.

Skipping the trips was an easy way to avoid an uncomfortable situation, they added.

"Kylie hates conflict, so she booked in other commitments and avoided another fight."
That doesn't mean Kylie is avoiding her big sister altogether, however. She was there for a birthday event in California, where she and her sisters surprised Kim with a dance performance inspired by their childhood.

Kim Kardashian attends Harper's BAZAAR Celebration of
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Kim's lavish party took place in French Polynesia on a private island, and reportedly cost around $1 million to pull of, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

She reportedly flew out dozens of people on a Boeing 777 to Marlon Brando's island, where guests were put up in private villas that each cost up to $20,000 per night.

While Kylie doesn't appear in any of the photos of the big event, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner were all there, along with their brother, Rob Kardashian.

The family matriarch, Kris Jenner, and her boyfriend, Corey Gamble, also joined the party. Scott Disick and his son, Mason Dash Disick, were also there.

Critics called out Kim for throwing the bash, saying that it was out of touch given the current status of the coronavirus pandemic.