Anita Herbert Shows Off Her Incredible Abs And Toned Physique On Instagram

Anita Herbert clicks a selfie
Anita Herbert / Instagram

Hungarian fitness model Anita Herbert is no stranger to showing off her amazingly fit body on Instagram. Taking to her page on Friday, October 30, she uploaded a new picture that sent temperatures soaring.

In the snapshot, Anita rocked a black crop top that featured a low-cut neckline, one which flaunted a hint of cleavage. The tiny garment also put her taut stomach and perfect abs on display.

Anita teamed the top with a pair of biker shorts that drew attention to her toned legs and thighs. She completed her attire with a pair of black socks and gray sneakers.

The hottie wore her raven-colored tresses in a high ponytail, letting her locks cascade over her shoulders. In terms of accessories, she wore a ring, a black wristband, and a pair of dark sunglasses that she hung on the neckline of her top. She also carried a backpack.

According to the geotag, the pic was captured at the Grand Teton, which is a mountain peak in northwestern Wyoming.

Anita stood against the background of some trees. She posed with her legs apart and held her backpack with both hands. She slightly tilted her head and gazed at the camera while puckering her lips.

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Anita included a long caption in which she informed her followers about some dos and don’ts of staying fit, adding that she wished she knew about the tips and tricks when she first started her fitness journey. She suggested the best time to workout, the kind of foods people should eat, and the frequency of eating and exercising, among others.

She emphasized that people should avoid over complicating things and should focus on sustainability and consistency.

Within 18 hours, the pic has amassed more than 32,000 likes. In addition, several of her followers flocked to the comments section and posted 450 messages in which they praised her amazing figure and thanked her for her valuable suggestions.

“Good advice! So nice to have answers to all those tough questions we ask ourselves. You look amazing, doll!” one of her followers remarked.

“Great post! I like how you broke it down,” wrote another user.

“Omg. Yes. Love this. I’ve been learning these things throughout my weight loss/weightlifting journey. What works for one doesn’t always work for another. But all your key points are 100% facts,” a third follower proclaimed.

Others posted words and phrases like “goddess,” “irresistible beauty,” and “perfection” to express their adoration.

Many other models also liked and commented on the post, including Arianny Celeste, Valeria Orsini, Anais Zanotti, and Luz Elena Echeverria.