Kim Kardashian Rocks Carole Baskin Costume With BFF As Joe Exotic & Her Kids Dressed As Tigers

Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram with a comically festive post on Friday in which she and bestie Jonathan Cheban dressed as two of the feuding stars from the popular series Tiger King, which hit Netflix earlier this spring.

The documentary explored the unusual world of big cat breeding and had a remarkably colorful cast of characters. Kim posed as Carole Baskin, who has been the subject of a myriad of rumors — including speculation over whether she killed her late husband -- since the show aired. Jonathan was dressed as Joseph "Joe Exotic" Maldonado-Passage, the eccentric former zoo operator and convicted felon.

Kim's four children with rapper and presidential candidate Kanye West were her and Jonathan's furry companions.

The trio of snaps was taken at night on a grassy lawn. The group stood in front of a three-sided metal structure with a gridded wire fencing that was clearly intended to represent a cage. Well-manicured trees and bushes made up the rest of the background.

Kim wore the two physical characteristics most associated with Carole — long blond hair parted in the center and cascading to her waist and a flower wreath around her head, which Kim fashioned out of artificial purple blooms. She also wore a silky sleeveless shirt with a leopard print, jeans with matching leopard cuffs at the bottom, and a pair of cheetah-print sneakers. She had multiple beaded bracelets on her right wrist and wore a thick gold necklace.

Jonathan wore white denim pants topped with a button-down shirt featuring a loud, abstract pattern in shades of blue and green. He tucked the garment into his tight jeans but left it almost entirely open to expose his bare chest and a gold chain, which was a close rendition of Joe Exotic's outlandish fashion sense. He completed the look with a fake trucker mustache and a blond mullet wig with bangs.

North, Chicago, Psalm, and Saint were all dressed in matching fuzzy tiger costumes complete with cat-eared hoods and long tails. Their faces were expertly painted orange and yellow to match their outfits and were embellished with whiskers and long fangs.

Kim crouched and held her youngest on her knee in the photos. Jonathan stood a few feet to her left with a huge grin on his face. The children posed actively and appeared to be enjoying the scene, with one of them roaring convincingly in one of the snaps.