October 30, 2020
Kinsey Wolanski Shows Incredible Cleavage & Killer Curves In Tiny Striped Bikini

Model, YouTube prankster and Clubhouse Beverly Hills member Kinsey Wolanski updated her popular Instagram profile with a stunning new snapshot. In the update posted on October 30, the 24-year-old brought the sizzle to her 3.6 million followers on the platform with a picture of herself in a scanty, two-piece swimsuit. Her incredible cleavage and killer curves were uncovered by the bodacious bikini that she wore in the shot.

Wolanski used the post's caption to wish her fans a happy Friday, while imploring them to keep safe during the Halloween weekend. Although several of her admirers responded in kind, the comments section was also littered with replies from others who had seemingly been rendered awe-struck by Wolanski's latest sensual display.

"You look so amazing and sexy," opined one impressed user.

"Awesome eyes and beautiful figure honey," added a second smitten commenter. "Really very very hot in blue."

"Do you do karate?" asked another fan. "Cause that body is kicking."

"So gorgeous and sexy," gushed a fourth follower. "Omg sweetheart you look scrumptious."

Wolanski's shapely upper body and midsection were both shown in exquisite detail in the medium shot. Her flowing, light blond hair extended out from a middle part and blanketed her shoulder, upper arm and bosom on her left side.

Her hazel eyes had zeroed in on the lens as she tilted her head to one side and offered a sweet smile.

The model's skimpy bikini top was emblazoned with a horizontal stripe print in blue and white, which popped against the palette provided by her seemingly flawless, slightly rosy skin. Its scant, triangular cups failed to cover much beyond the most intimate areas of her ample bosom, allowing for a seductive showing of cleavage.

She further teased her adoring masses by tugging at the narrow straps of her matching bottoms, which were tied together on both sides of her sinuous midriff. Between the two garments, her bare navel was prominently on display as well.

Wolanski's latest offering on Instagram proved to be a big hit among her fans and followers. Within an hours of its appearance on her feed, the update had generated more than 75,000 likes. Additionally, more than 500 comments had been left, as of this writing.

As reported by The Inquisitr earlier in the week, Wolanski was similarly sizzling in another post, which included a short video clip of her going for a swim while sporting an ultra-revealing yellow bikini.