October 30, 2020
Spoilers For Friday's 'General Hospital': Anna Explodes After Reviewing The Genetic Results On Faison

Friday's episode of General Hospital should be a wild one according to the latest spoilers. The sneak peek shared via Twitter gave viewers a taste of what's to come right as the November sweeps period begins.

During Thursday's episode, Anna received an envelope that contained the test results she believed would answer a major question regarding Peter. Valentin happened to be at her house with her, and the preview suggests she won't get the news she wanted.

As viewers have seen, Anna came to realize that a genetic marker could finally tell her whether Peter was her biological son or her twin sister Alex's. Kevin agreed to run a test to see if Faison had it and those were the results she was about to review.

The preview shows Anna raging and throwing the paperwork across the room. She yells that it's all lies as Valentin calmly watches her explode.

According to SheKnows Soaps, the October 30 episode does provide Anna with answers on this situation. However, the results will push her to make some difficult decisions going forward.

Anna's reaction certainly seems to suggest she'll find Faison did not have the genetic marker for rheumatoid arthritis. She knows she doesn't have the marker, but Peter does. Her approach has been that if Faison was excluded from having it, that must mean Alex does and passed it down to Peter.

This result may tear Anna apart, but a lot of General Hospital fans may see this as something to celebrate. Many have always hated the rewriting of history that had Anna sleep with Faison and have a son she never knew about until a few years ago.

Quite a few viewers have been voicing their hope for some time now that it would turn out that Peter was Alex's son, not Anna's. Now, it seems that might be confirmed during the next show.

As Anna deals with this, spoilers tease Peter will be facing a separate crisis. He received a surprising phone call with the voice of Helena Cassadine on the other end. Is this really Helena and, if so, how is she still alive? Will she be the one to finally expose and destroy Peter?

General Hospital spoilers have signaled that all of the truths about Peter will finally come out over the next few weeks. People have been anxious to see this happen and all signs point toward some juicy developments on the horizon that will generate a lot of buzz among the show's fans.